The Daily Photo Thread


Wow! Very nice shots m8, love them :slight_smile:


Those are unedited from the MP … and I think I forgot that I was still exposing @ -1.0EV. But they still convey the awesome beach!
Those were taken about 12th June.

I do wish the +/-EV got reset when the MP was rebooted!


A couple from this morning - out for sunrise though, as no clouds, made for a boring sky! This is my favourite local area, Emsworth Harbour. All unedited, just transferred to iPhone via GoApp - hence the overblown sun.
Looking at these - I think I had better go and check my gimbal calibration as that sloping horizon is just not correct!!!


Love the boat and bouy one, its crying out ‘HDR me to shit’


Glenn will be along soon :rofl:


least you get a better view this morning than me all I get is croydon


oh and a building site


I was very tempted to fly under this bridge and along the stream but my bottle went :sweat_smile:


I disagree .


need to buy some filters


Which drone did you use?
Can you not do bracketed shot or HDR that combines 2 or more shots would save you some beer money


yeh it was on a mavic 2 to be honest I was just playing around along the stream on the way home. it was on single shot. the main bulk of what I done today was video
I need to learn more about taking photos lol
good with photoshop tho


I used to work in the C&A clothing store on Croydon high street back in the day :blush:



Some quickies from today.


Stocking over the lens might help? lol.


Croydon looks pretty good in your shots Colin - and I wouldn’t have gone for under the bridge either!


Really interesting monument and really like the 360 - great views around.


man at C&A lol


Thank you Brian, it’s called Silent Links and is by sculptor Ian Randall.


A bit of snow this morning.