The Daily Photo Thread


Well there’s at least 2 points there for the winner challenge - snow covered fields and pine trees!


made me feel cold


Some from yesterday.

Photographic Order of Merit Gallery
Photographic Order of Merit Gallery

they are fantastic photos Richard, I should think you are chuffed to bits with them I would be.
Were they taken with the Mavic 2 Pro?


Thank you Chris.
No, these are all from the Phantom 4 Pro.


Just shows though what a 1" sensor does for a photo though.
Still Superb all said and done !!


Love that first photo :+1:

Also, so much detail in the tree shots.

Good to see the new 50MB upload limit being put to good use.


Awesome :+1:


Stunning series of shots Richard - particular love the first 2 but all really good :clap::clap::clap:


Awesome pics there. You.must be well impressed with them😁


Thank you Callum, I still had to resize one of the panos as it was over 90MB :open_mouth:

Thank you Garry

Thank you Brian.

Thank you Jon, I’m never that happy with what I take, I always think there is room for improvement.


I’m the same never sure if peeps will like my photos


They look really good mate don’t knock yourself. There will All ways be room for improvement😀


These took my breath away. We’ve gota try and get a calendar done to promote our club, the fantastic use of drones and the breathtaking skill of many of you…it’ll be nice to see a few drones in photos for a calendar as well.
If anyone knows the Director of Gatwick airport he should be able to provide us with loads of nice drone shots, he said he had them buzzing round for 36hrs…


All joking aside this was mentioned in another thread recently about a club calender I think we should look at this more because of the potential it has especially with some of the photography that’s coming out with some of our members @mementomori


I must admit, there have been some fantastic pictures that have been take by our members and posted on here.
I personally think it would make a great Competition to create 12 of your best drone pictures, to be included in a GADC Calendar.
Then published, and sold to our Members Only.
The subject of each month can be varied, say: Animals, Rivers, Mountains, Snow Scene, Cars, Roads,
Just my thoughts guys, don’t shoot me down !!


If we were to have a “Photo Of The Month” competition, problem solved, 12 photos ready for the Calendar !.
Must already have a photo from January that can be declared a winner,surely?


Think that’s a great idea Chris, and having a variety of themes will be both a challenge and cover everyone’s interests over the year.


Went out a couple of days ago for sunrise and had gone out mainly to do a time lapse with my DSLRs rather than with my drone. However, once the light started hitting the reed beds I used the Mavic Air to take some stills from a bit higher, no more than 5 meters, to show more of the marshes. Made me realise that the I should use my drone more for lower level photography

And one of that Air as well! And know this last one is o photo a drone rather than by a drone but made sense to keep them together


Great set of photos Brian, just shows perfectly that you do not need to be at 400 ft to get great shots.
That first one is superb!.