The Daily Photo Thread


Not seen much of the sun here for several days now, getting itchy feet to want to fly!.


I like the lower shots gets a bit boring just seeing landscapes from high


Gonna be a few of these i think?


Another one…where’s everyone else’s snow?


Don’t have any snow … famous last words! :speak_no_evil:


We don’t have any either, and it’s warming up tomorrow!


Mines all gone :frowning:


I think I went for the big heights at first but trying to be a bit more creative.

I agree, I think it’s about trying for some variety


Love the way the sun catches the side of the mavic. I think Chris is onto a good idea with his themed calander idea.


Thanks Brian


my MP taken from my Typhhon
and my Typhhon taken from my MP. yes it was fookin cold out there today


First attempt to get some photos! @scorps @chrisjohnbaker!




You look as if you are getting some flying time in Finn.
Happy with your new aqasition?.


A couple of shots of the photogenic bridge over the frozen Coventry/Oxford canals, along with the lovely Greyhound Inn :+1::beer:

These were taken on my Mavic Air, which was mid canal on the ice for this one :roll_eyes:


Willington Power Station… These things look so good in black and white


I agree I have all ways loved black and white photography




Sunset over Scunthorpe taken on my Spark. Not sure if its any good or not haha!