The Daily Video Thread

We have The Daily Photo Thread … so why not this thread?

Anyway … I’ll kick it off …

A Litchi flight to foreign lands!


But that “music”…:nauseated_face: :-1: Ha Ha…

I added it JUST for you!

You will have a volume control somewhere. :wink:

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should have been the superman music or dam busters

No crescendos that I needed.

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Previously posted in photos in error.


Another short flight, doesn’t get interesting until about 1.20.


One of my first attempts at photo and video within video. No sound.


It still amazes me that semaphore signals still exist in this digital age. Quite a number of them about, though.

Interesting idea. Keeps the viewer’s eyes busy. :wink:

I was just playing about with the possibilities. If others feel inspired then I hope they give it a go.


Absolutely! :+1:

When I started in the late 90s we still had pot bellied stoves in the signalboxes and had to fill up the signal lamps with oil every week because they were literally oil lamps.
All the signals were semaphore and we used the Victorian bells and morse code to send information to each signaller about the class and speed of the train approaching.
I’m at the moment helping out in York as a signaller (I kept up with my qualifications) because we are short staffed, using the state of the art stuff. So now I control trains from Leeds, to Bradford, Ilkley, Shipley, Skipton and to Hellifield. Using a computer mouse!!! See photos.


Ok i got round to sorting my flight footage with @mickydd on Tuesday


so my only question is whats the best time and where to video trains in a safe and picturesque area
even better if you can help by telling us when there will be steam trains
@Brian Brian do you know anyone that could help?

To be honest, the train spotting community know more about what and when steam trains are due than I ever do. They are just numbers on a screen to me. I only find out when they are running when they turn up in my area of control. Just outside Cononley near Skipton there is a flat expanse of fields with public footpaths criss crossing it. This makes an ideal area to film with the railway in the background against the hills. Of course there is always the usual Ribblehead viaduct up near Settle, but this has been photod to death.

Dave, I thought you’d be more concerned that the video isn’t 47 minutes long? :wink:


Yes, I was a little disappointed with that short video :open_mouth:
One, of course, was expecting a full tour of East and West Cowes yacht basin,
and maybe a view of a few oil tankers on the way home :grin: :grinning:

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The train platform guards are still using Referee’s whistles and round plastic flags to wave at the driver down here on Southwestern train stations.

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They are whistles made by…the Acme company.
Yes I thought Acme was a made up name in Road Runner cartoons, you know, when Coyote buys a new contraption to catch the road runner…beep beep, it’s always got Acme written on the box.
Sad to think, but it’s long overdue progress…
The whole of Kings Cross signalling is moving up to York and Tyneside signalling moving down to York. Rather bizarre to think that the whole of the main line from London to the Scottish Borders will be signalled using a computer mouse from some desks in York.