The development of Drone Scene continues!

Just tried on my phone with chrome too and thats not working either for Hybrid map. Just goes blank

Chrome running on Win 10

Satellite and base map ok. Hybrid and dark mode show location icons but no underlying map

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Error: HTTP/410 Gone


Yes, it has.


It would appear Mapbox have deprecated some of the base maps we use and didn’t even have the courtesy to call me and let me know!

I suspect they probably expected me to read their blog, or any one of the many emails they’ve sent me since March 2020.

Bloody cheek :roll_eyes:

I’ll fix this as soon as I can :blush:


No hurry, can’t fly in lockdown :frowning:

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Can’t plan where to fly after. LOL!

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No. I only think four or five months ahead … :syringe:

Thanks for the bug reports everyone, basemaps all now fixed and working again.

They might look slightly different now, we’ve just jumped from v4 right up to v11 :blush:


That was quick!

All looking good on Chrome/Win 10

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Great plug for the site in @ianinlondon’s new video:


Thanks for the support, Ian :+1:t2:


Another great video :+1:

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@PingSpike @kvetner Cheers guys! It’s a great site! When you releasing the app? :wink:

It’s been designed to work beautifully on mobile browsers, a native smartphone app wouldn’t offer anything that the web app doesn’t :slight_smile:

Plus, I don’t have a spare £22k to invest in app development this month :blush:


February it is then. Excellent. :wink:


On my phone and tablet, it’s set up as a shortcut to the website, but it has (as intended) the look and feel of an app, with no browser headers etc (as does the Grey Arrows forum, for that matter). For some reason I get notifications of new posts on my tablet but not on my phone, not sure if there’s an easy way to sort that.

Try clearing the browser cache and logging out. When you log back in, you should be given the option again.

What is the canon lens on your shelves? :joy: :joy:

@DroneGeek We do a lot of non-drone photography and have a fair few major lenses lurking in the studio. :slight_smile:

Feature request: Can we have an All Overlay on/off button? Turn off all those that were on and turn back on all those that were turned off.

I was trying to see if DJI’s geo zone would really let me overfly the corner of a nuclear power plant (it does) but the several layers of restrictions partially hid what I was looking at. Would be nice to quickly turn off all the layers to see the satellite view rather than work out which ones need unticking.

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