The development of Drone Scene continues!


Hi Rich, hope you are well. I spotted a small issue on Drone Scene.

If you follow this link, you’ll see that there are no markers/pins.

If you look at the post created by me last year…

And follow the link, the marker/pin for Newlands Corner is shown. Here’s the link to the map if you need it



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Or rather there wasn’t! I can see it now - maybe cached after following the link in my original post when I added the pin/marker?


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I can see it no problem Ned


I swear it wasn’t there 5 mins ago!


Did you have the “Locations” layer switched off? … and now it’s on?


Nope - I could see the other pin I added - no problems.

Weird - but working now.


Exactly. Responsive UI with Bootstrap, ‘mobile first’ design. Eliminates the need for multiple versions of the same product.


DroneScene having a funny 5mins? Lol

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Never! … famous last words.

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Never say never :rofl:

I didn’t say never. I typed it. :wink:

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This is true, walked into that one :man_facepalming: :grin:


I was ( during a very dull video call ) scrolling around the map and sussing out potential flights.

I saw a military building marked with the normal brown highlight just south of Farnham. This particular one in Waverly Abbey isnt an active military site, its a pill box style concrete lump which formed part of a WW2 Stop Line.
( ).

Does this need updating / changing ? Asking as its interesting to see it marked, but not as a flight restriction.

Moved your post over to the relevant thread.

The data that the map is based on isn’t our data - it is obtained dynamically from official sources. So any possible discrepancy isn’t within our control to be edited.

Obviously the government have reasons for that area to be marked as it is.

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Wow you must be bored! Well spotted - it must be the smallest restricted area on the whole Dronescene map.

For those still searching - here it is:


Thank you for moving the thread and commenting. I understand.

I wonder if its a size thing for them to have marked it, pill boxes are pretty small, a few square meters, so they don’t get shown or aren’t on maps or are below a preset size or area, but this one thats I guess 4x4 meters, is slightly larger and therefore on their system above a threshold.

Thats the one, a short video I have found shows the inside:

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This, the Hayling Island Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun Site, is not marked on Dronescene for any reason (apart from my recommendation) although it is a site where soldiers lost their lives.

It now appears to be under the care of the local council. I wondered whether the military had an residual interest in your pillbox.

As part of the stop line it may have been associated with a nearby operational base for the Home Guard Auxilliaries - the secret volunteers who would go to ground as the country was overrun and emerge to carry out acts of sabotage and terrorism on the occupying forces.

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