The GADC Drone Relay Challenge Discussion Thread

Hey guys, sorry ive been away. For some reason I didn’t get pinged, I will have to check my email settings!

You need help flying Cornwall? I’m in St Ives and Hayle most days if you need any of the far West part covered. I would love to be involved. Let me know.


evening, any thoughts on when we are hoping to get the relay started?

It shouldn’t be too far away. I think everything is just about in place hardware and software wise. I’ll need to have a trawl through all the posts above and maybe do an @clinkadink to remind us who the first participant is, but I know he is really busy getting himself and the portable dogging spot ready for Some Big Meat And I think he’s also still waiting on the butchers window sticker arriving “Pleased to meet you, With meat to please you” before he can finish off?

joe, i think being the first is my honour, oh suits you!

That’s good cos I’ve not had time to check!!!
I take it you are able to start off from Landsend?