The GADC Drone Relay Challenge

We want to fly a drone the length of the UK! From as far south to as far north as we can get (and back again!), and visit as many regions in between as we can. All documented in this thread, with photos, videos, routes and any other interesting info like where to eat, drink, sleep.

Because we like a challenge and we like to get people involved! But also to show off our wonderful country and give ideas to others for their future road trips.

We have a DJI Mini 2 flymore combo ready to go, complete with a pre-configured smartphone and a hard case for the challenge :clap: You will take it in turns to fly and document your chosen route, where the drone will then be handed over to the next member as it makes its way across the country.

All of you! Associates and members alike!

If you want to see where this idea came from, have a look HERE and the original discussion thread HERE

Now you’ve followed and read everything in the links above, it’s time for some rules.

We are trying to keep this as simple as possible, but rules may be added/changed/removed as we go along.

  • You will be required to submit proof of your home address before being handed the kit. This will of course be handled within the GDPR.
  • All flights must be carried out within the CAA Drone Code This also means that you will need a flyer ID to take part, proof of which will also be required.
  • All flights will be the responsibility of the flyer, this means that if you are flying in an FRZ or anywhere else that requires permission, you will need to obtain and prove it.
  • While in your care, please treat the kit as if it is your own, @clinkadink is the only exception to this rule. Carry out pre and post flight checks and flag up any damage ASAP. Do not fly the drone if it is not air worthy, we would very much like our kit back in one piece.
  • The supplied smartphone will have an AirData account linked to it, please upload/sync the flight logs before hand over.
  • The kit must be handed over to the next flyer, and yes we need the photo, or it didn’t happen :rofl:
  • No posting or using couriers, we want members to physically meet up and spread the GADC love.

So, that’s the challenge, have a think if you can chip in with travelling a few miles and documenting it for us. In the other main discussion thread, linked to above, we will restart the conversation and start inviting volunteers for the first section. We will try and keep this thread clear for the routes and the pictures.


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For anyone wanting to get involved and take part, could you please read the above post, and then post in THIS thread.