The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Nice Brian, loving the second one especially.


The second one looks like Tuscany. …. kind of.


If only! Hoping to go there early next year :crossed_fingers:


Thanks @MementoMori




Your not cheating to get the speed record here are you ?


Probably not, just here. :wink:


Out looking for sunsets and then this big moon came over the horizon


Then thought I would try and be clever! But the drone just would keep still!!! must have taken 30 photos and this was the only one even reasonable sharp enough.


Took a few photos down on the beach at Southbourne looking over towards Studland and Old Harry’s Rock, taken with my Canon M6

And this one of the work replacing the groynes on the beach.

The Daily Photo Thread

Bumped your post over to this Non-Drone Photo thread.




Loving the colours in that sunset :+1:


Yeah this is the best time of year for sunsets in my part of the country. I’m not sure about sunrises as I’m usually still in bed at that time of day.


That’s cool! (BCF) It works really well. The perspective’s near enough.


It’s busy in the garden, this morning!


Bloody hell! Cracking photo Dave :+1:

What’s in the feeders mate?


Nyjer Seeds … it’s about all Goldfinches eat.
I’ve a photo somewhere with 69 of the little beauties in the garden are the same time.


Bloody good photos @OzoneVibe nice one



Here’s another from that photo-shoot.