The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Fantastic set of pics Dave, makes my half dozen goldfinches seem very light!


How about these taken without them moving. :wink:



Now you are just showing off :joy:


Yup! :+1: :grin:


I can better that :laughing: :rofl:


Your garden is a lot larger!


Do you like the summerhouse? :grinning:


No use for one. It’s winter.


Plenty of room to fly in the cold and wet weather though.


That’s why I live in the south


Yeah, crazy for this time of year, it’s 11 degrees here according to the phone.
I don’t mind not having the heating on yet :grin:


No heating. House is still 17°C.


Brilliant photo Dave.


Thanks! :+1:


Found this big guy (gall?) on my lawn today (it’s mid-November don’t forget?!), I think it was dying :cry:

Taken with an iPhone XR.



Above pic cropped from:


New pet?


The Bum of a Flightle Bee! :+1:


Alas no… he was still crawling across the lawn ten mins later so I relocated him to the other side of the garden fence before my daft dog came along to eat him!


great shot!!