The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


I’ll be coming to you for tips!!!


A little selection from me. Not quite sure on quality.


My driveway tonight :wink:


Yep, definitely snow! :joy:






Stood outside in the freezing fog from 0900-1700 keeping trains running, watching the fog freeze on metal objects.


did ya have ya “thermies” on Brian. bet that was freakin cold !!


Yep, had my ‘passion killers’ on.


willy warmer, maybe?:see_no_evil:


i get the wife to wear mine , LOL


Works better than the pill…:astonished:


A foggy night at the local station.


Hi guys

Just going through the options on the club menu to see where the Drone flying map is and found this! Hope I can still post some photos here. Please say if it’s not allowed anymore.
Got this with my Canon and long lens when the gull was fishing on Hamble river.


As per the thread title, and previous posts, a perfect addition! :ok_hand:


I love the Jurassic Coast area. Been to Kimmeridge Bay so many times. Glad I’m living down this way now as it was quite a drive from Sussex to get there for a mornings photography.


Couple from the Saturday at Hayling Island near the old oyster beds


Love um Brian


Birmingham airport comings and goings!