The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Your colours are nice, my attempt not so :thinking:


Ha! I pulled down the saturation, too. :wink:


I went for chopper detail. Did this in the freebie Picasa now defunct. - - - - -& it shows :rofl:


Working amongst that lot would make for some great photos! Not jealous at all Chann!!!


Trouble is, I am still rubbish at taking pictures… Doh!


HA HA ! Join my club of 'happy snappers ’ Chann - - - - - point, click, cross fingers & grin ! BTW we joined at the same time approx & we wisely chose the Air. Love this little rascal but I have seen the P2 close up & personal, what a beaut but I’m staying with the Air as it suits my entry level mind-set! :+1:


I too have seen the MP2 up close and an Inspire… I am in envy of both, but quite happy with the air (for now - don’t tell the Mrs :slight_smile: )

Fellow of the Happy Snapper Club :slight_smile:


The Air takes some cracking pics! :+1:


These photos have some history …

Summer 2017, whilst on holiday in Italy for 3 months, my laptop crashed (terminally) whilst backing up my DSLR’s SD Card photos to it.

The card became unreadable - with 1200 photos still not backed up. :fearful:

Today, rummaging for something, I found the card hidden away … and decided to “try something” … and recovered ALL the lost pics! :+1:

So - a great afternoon looking thro the pics!

These are the roofs of Truli in Puglia (the “heel” of Italy), in the town of Alberobello.

Built in a kind of “dry wall” method, they were invented to avoid a tax placed in roofs … and this method of construction meant they could be dismantled when the tax-inspector came around, and then re-built after he’d gone. (Can’t recall how long ago this was - 1700s I think.)


Amazing constructions. I lived in Puglia for a year, beautiful town Roseto Valfortore near Foggia.


The whole of Puglia is stunningly beautiful! That subtle pink limestone (less subtle on the western coast - with an incredible soil that reminded me of Devon!) that’s used for the thousands of miles of dry-stone walls, mile after mile of olive groves that can extend as far into the distance (in every direction!) as the Mavic Pro can see, Burrata (cannot forget the Burrata!!), the sea that was 29C when I was there. Loved it all!

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Remember the tsunami of 2011 which hit Japan? The devastation was incredible.


Wonder how they got those ships off the High street and back into the water ?


I often wonder as well. I suppose there’s a lot of scrap metal to be cut up.


Were you there at the time or in some professional capacity after the event?


I was with a pal who was there, I was buying a motorbike to bring back to the UK. We volunteered to help but to be honest
The Japanese were very very efficient and had the airport open in no time and heavy equipment brought in.
The railway was then soon brought back into use, although in degraded working and roads cleared.


oh and a bit of Radiation to help you glow at night…


Yes, it gives a lovely glow to the skin quicker than a fortnight in Benidorm.


We all got a dose from Chernobyl !!!