The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


But think how much cheaper it is these days than buying 35mm film and getting it processed! :wink:

Cute little fellow, too! :+1:


What more babies? :slight_smile:


Hell no! He is definitely the last! Unless you all want to club together and buy me a bigger house! Or at least fund an extension!


So you’ve snipped yer balls then ?


Nope! I just sleep in the front room now. :joy:


Sooo these wee ones have come out to say hello, l feel like a new dad…:anguished:



Southampton Airport Control Tower

Interesting reflections of the hangar roof in the highly raked window.


Evening riverside walk (back home from my “local” … 3 miles away … best beers around!)

All hand held! No post … as they are direct from the camera!

Cobden Bridge, Southampton
f/2.8 1/60sec ISO-3200 24mm (35mm equ)

f/4 1/20sec ISO-3200 120mm (35mm eq)

f/4 1/3sec ISO-3200 120mm (35mm eq)

Orion visible.
f/2.8 1/4sec ISO-3200 24mm (35mm eq)

Pushing the “hand held” limit.
f/2.8 1sec ISO-3200 24mm (35mm eq)


Nice! Can I ask what camera/lens for these shots?



Using the Panasonic G9 with the Leica 12-65 (24-130 in 35mm equivalence).

The lens/sensor combined stabilisation is totally amazing! :+1:


These are from a visit to Antwerp

Seems they have big burglars in Antwerp.


Ah ! good gear for sure! I upgraded from Nikon D5100 ( old) to the D7500 last year. Entry level gear which matches my everyday ‘happy snaps’ . Ditched the kit lens & bought a beautiful pre-owned Nikon 17-55 2.8. perfect combo but the Mavic Air was the next purchase rather than a 500 x zoom lens. My Canon 65x bridge does me well atm.


Couple of panos from the wedding I did yesterday on the osmo


There’s some impressive photos. Nice work😀


very nice!


I seriously need a decent camera!

The view from my office window taken through the glass. It explains why I cannot put my drone up during lunch on such a glorious day.


Speak to ATC! … those guys will be having their lunch, anyway. :wink:


New camera? Lightroom De-haze is much cheaper. :wink:


Oh wow. I have lightroom on the (ahem) PC as at home.

Every day is a learning day :smile: :smile:


I used the one on my phone (free!!) … since I don’t have for the laptop.
Photoshop has the same since about Photoshop Elements 14 (not sure how that relates to the full version numbering).