The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Now I want to know what bike ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Bikes were dirt cheap due to the strict emissions and MOT type laws. I’ve no idea what the exchange rate is now, but I bought 2 of them. 1 was an immaculate Yamaha TZR125, unrestricted. And the other a brand spanking new Kawasaki AR125, still in its delivery case. Total cost including shipping them over to the U.K. was about £700. I shared a bit of space in a shipping container with a guy who was importing bamboo stuff. I had so many offers for the bikes it was crazy. Even just pulling them out of the container, guys were offering silly money when they saw them. I can’t remember what he bought, I think it was some sort of Kawasaki 600cc racer, but it was mint, it looked like a mini ZZR 1100 He got offered 3 times what it cost him, but after umming and aaghing he kept it.


Duh. I typed 125 instead of 50cc.


Bikes at those prices eh? Stuff of dreams. Thanks Brian :+1:


I was serving in Germany at the time. We were all ordered indoors for either 24 or 48 hours (memory fails me) with the windows and doors closed.

I had no real understanding at the time, but did as I was told. No idea if it helped.


For the uk it was the sheep if I remember that where eating the vegetation on the upper moorlands North Yorkshire and Cumbria


I was working in Darmstadt Germany at that time also.



Great shot @joe.k where you stood in the mud?


I was on a pier - gave a reasonable perspective


Taken with canon 80d
First pic is where the twin towers once stood :hearts:
One of the reasons i wanted a drone, see things from up there


Brewery wharf Leeds

yes i’m part vampire, no reflection :dark_sunglasses:


That is a beautiful photo, love it. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had an idea. There is a free app called ‘what3wordsphoto’ you can automatically put the location onto the photo so anyone can see on google maps where it was taken. We use the app for search and rescue to guide emergency services locations that don’t have a postcode


Photo taken in Maldon Essex.
Must say , I don’t really pay attention to Geotagging photos from SLR camera .


Good point. I will continue to enjoy the photos with or without a location just the same.
Thanks Joe. :+1::+1::+1:


Brilliant ! What county is this if I can ask?


Hampshire. Just north of Southampton.


Ah Hampshire ! Not too dissimilar from Devon ( my roots) re flora & fauna.


… and the avgas from Soton Airport … that must be what they really like … runway just 350m away :stuck_out_tongue: