The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Star trails … and a plane! 12/08/16.

A composite stack of about 30 images.


My intention is to revisit this with the Mavic



That photo is stunning mate.


Thanks @callum


Great shot Joe


I’d have that on my wall, nice one :+1:


Amen to that! What a stunning photo @joe.k :scream:

Where was it taken mate?


The shadow on the water in line with the bow almost makes it look likea ghost ship. :wink:


Haybridge Basin - Malden .
Derelict - grounded in mud .
Waiting for the weather to go back with MP.


Waiting for those pictures.



Horrible weather here so playing with some old ground based photos…found this one that at least has a flying theme.


Great shot Tim


Seconded @TimD :+1:


Took this Sunrise near Beccles last year on my way to work at 5 am.
It was a spectacular still morning.


I’ve never seen Beccles look that good.


Nether have I since !, I had passed this place for months while working with a friend at Lowestoft on building a recording studio for a relative of his.
We stopped, and I had my phone out and this was a still taken from my phone camera video.
If you saw the video, you would think that the camera was not on record.
The only clue, is the bits slowly drifting past on the river surface.
I hasten to add, I have not re-touched this at all, what you see is what I got!


What a splendid shot of Thumper!
You should send that to @RAFBBMF if you’re on Twitter … @Disco_BBMF too!


Perhaps I should but there are plenty of excellent images of this particular majestic kite as Mr Google will quite quickly reveal :wink:

Do you know the story behind Just Jane?

I expect you do but maybe others on here have never heard of it…


Ah - yes I do - and on my phone I hadn’t read the caption properly! Not Thumper.


My first 3D printed Lithophane.
Came out quite well I think but 8 1/2 hours is a long time for a 4" piece.