The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Taken after the drone batteries were all spent.

iPhone 6 and a bit of snapseed.


I took this one back in 2013 after visiting the seals at Blakeney Point, we were on a boat heading back.


Drax sunrise on the 6am dog walk


Pen y Fan, South Wales yesterday morning.


Today I watched the Gravity Jet Suit flight at Bournemouth Air Festival. There’s something about those things that really capture the imagination. One of the guys had some kind of explosion and ended up in the sea. Apparently the other guy ended up in there yesterday so it seems there’s some reliability issues.
Yours for £340,000

The video is a 360 degree, so watch in the YouTube app and look at the pier where they take off. Unfortunately I couldn’t get close for the flight as we have a million visitors and every one of them was in my way! But I did meet the pilots afterwards and got a photo of the packs


Cool video! :+1:


Never a dull view after a 12 hour nightshift


If I was going to spend a third of a million quid on something, I’d prefer it didn’t blast my backside into the middle of next week and leave me swimming around trying to find it!

Interesting tho. Thanks for sharing.


This morning … without even getting out of bed. :wink:


Previous shift :shushing_face:


Naseby battle memorial,iPhone 3GS


I’d have been seriously impressed if they turned that Siemens touch panel into a big arcade machine.


“You can see why they can’t”.


I had forgotten about this thread and had seen what developing into a real eclectic set of images showing how wide the interests and photographic skills of GADC members (although clearly a lot of people love photographing their dogs! :dog2::poodle::wolf:)


Recently back from my hols (where I didn’t take my MA) and just getting to go through some of my pics. These were from a chance opportunity to watch kitesurfing where some came within decent reach of my 80-200 zoom


These were from a chance to be a guest the USS George HW Bush when it visited Portsmouth last year. It wasn’t great light and these were from my iPhone.



I also like to dabble with macro now and then


Instead of editing triathlon footage, I’m posting this!

Not all pics have to be taken with expensive cameras, and not all panos have to be huge. This is a piano taken with an iPhone 6.

It’s the US Intrepid, parked on the Hudson River in Manhattan. This is the aircraft carrier that the recently deceased John McCain served on, prior to its decommissioning.

There’s a Blackbird on there, a Harrier in US colours, and a Concorde and a submarine parked next door. The angular looking building on the back houses a Space Shuttle! I spent a full day wandering around there and could have done another one.


Ok out of interest what do you all have in your kit bag?

Ok I’ll go first

I started off with a Sony Alpha a200
Followed by the a840
Then a salt a77
Now I mostly use a6500 for its compactness
I have all the cameras and a wide selection of lenses
The a200 I used Minolta glass as they where so cheap on eBay and give some excellent images even now