The great big ‘What do you fly?’ Poll - 2017 Edition

The Grey Arrows Drone Club welcomes owners of all types of consumer drones - but what exactly do you fly? Take a second to let us know in this poll (multiple choices are available).

  • DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum
  • DJI Spark
  • DJI Phantom 3
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  • DJI Phantom 4 Advanced
  • GoPro Karma
  • Other drone

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Mavic pro!

It was my first ever drone too… in for a penny and all that.

I’m now on my third MP though :roll_eyes: but no regrets, I love it!!

Those who are choosing ‘other’, let me know what you fly! I’m curious :thinking:


what happened to the first two?

Mavic Pro, but my first proper drone was a GoPro Karma, I wanted to keep with the GoPro eco system as I have a lot of there products.The Karma lasted 5 days before I regretted not getting the Mavic, so I returned the Karma and I haven’t looked back. The Karma grip was excellent though and I will purchase the standalone grip at some point.

Inspire here for me under “other”

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Mavic pro baby!

my 3rd drone. Before it there was p3a and before custom build 450 quad

I have very itchy fingers… this is my story:

I bought my first Drone, a Phantom 3 Standard in December 2016.
I sold Phantom 3 and bought Mavic in January 2017
I sold Mavic and bought Inspire 1 V2 in April 2017
I sold Inspire 1 and bought DJI Goggles and Phantom 4 in June 2017
I sold DJI Goggles and bought a Spark in August 2017
I sold Phantom 4 and bought a Mavic again this month.

I am just piecing the Mavic together to make it the Flymore Combo, but I think I am staying now as a Mavic and Spark owner as I love the get up and go portability.

But then again…



Lol, great story @stevedickin and welcome to the Grey Arrows, glad you could join us (it’s Rich from eBay here by the way, glad I could help with your flymore gathering!) :smiley:

I’m interested, what drew you back to the Mavic again?

Hi Rich, thanks for sending the goods so quickly, I really appreciate it. I may end up with two sets now as the slow ebayer (i thought to be a scammer) now tells me they are on the way haha… i will ebay them again if so.

Regarding the Mavic, I loved the Phantom 4 and thought that it was a keeper, but I really missed my Mavic and had only sold it because I was worrying every night in bed about the delicate gimbal. I was literally having nightmares hehehe. Anyhow, the Phantom was sitting there in its great big D1 backpack and never going anywhere as I just couldn’t throw it over my shoulder and go for a casual walk with it. I had bought the Spark and was using it more than the Phantom so I thought this is not right, must get a Mavic again. So the deal on Banggood was taken and got one delivered new for £668.59 + 34.80 importDHL.

Only had it a couple weeks and flew once so far…damn wind and rain!

Welcome to GADC @stevedickin - good to have a fellow Mavic and Spark owner in the group. :smile: They certainly are a winning combination, aren’t they?

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My first drone was a self build TBS Discovery Quadcopter, and then my drone collection was added to shortly after with another self build DJI 450 Quad. And then a further addition with a self build DJI 550 Hexacopter which was all singing amazing to fly and upgraded to a 650. And then onto the market came the Mavic Pro!!! Wow I wanted one, like did I want one.
What was I doing filling my car boot to bursting point with drones, cases for transmitter etc and an ammo box full of batteries and could I take all this stuff on my holidays abroad? No but I could if I had a Mavic.
Well everything has gone now I have loads of room in my garage again and yes I now have my Mavic and everything that goes with it, which all sits nicely in my back pack. And next year I’m going to take it where I couldn’t take my drones before, on holiday to Australia.
A very happy Mavic pilot I am.
I am a very recent new member to the Grey Arrows and I think it is a fantastic group with some amazing photo’s, video’s and topics. :+1:


Great first post @FrankyMac22, welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

So clearly no regrets in downsizing to the Mavic then?

That’s great to hear! Can I ask how you found us?

Welcome to GADC, @FrankyMac22 - the premier home for UK Mavic pilots! :smile:

Excellent testimonial for the Mavic Pro. I’m sure nearly 95% of club members will agree, as they are also MP owners! Glad to hear the drone has decluttered your garage and we’re already looking forward to seeing your Australia holiday videos next year.

No absolutely no regrets on the downsize, I think the portability of the mavic was the major factor.
I think I found grey arrows when searching for mavic topics!

Many thanks I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some great videos!

Mavic Pro (9 months old), Spark (2 weeks old), and my “Other” is my soon to be sold Inspire 1 Pro.

Welcome to GADC, Barry, good to have you with us and thanks for contributing to the poll. Nice to see another Spark in the group, that makes about three now. We’ll have to give it it’s own category at this rate. :wink:

It must be quite a change from flying the Inspire 1 to flying the Spark. Do you think you’ll miss it?

I’ll miss the quality of images it produces, particularly via the Olympus lenses I used, I’ll miss the stability in windy situations, but I won’t miss one bit the weight of the kit inside its Inspak case - about 15kg :exploding_head:

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Yeah, loved the Inspire, but its like having a Lorry and needing to go to the corner shop for some bread, you just end up doing without. Welcome fellow Mavic/Spark owner.