The great big ‘What do you fly?’ Poll - 2018 Edition

What model of drone do you fly? It’s a simple question but one that’s had GADC members talking since we launched our first poll in October of last year. Since then not only has the number of club members grown massively but the selection of drones available to buy has expanded too. Time for a new poll we thought…and here it is.

As before, vote for your drone(s) in the poll (multiple choices are allowed). If it’s not there tick the ‘Other drone’ box and tell us all about it in the comments below. Also, show us your drones. Post photos in the comments area and tell us all about them.

Finally, pleeeeez, if you voted in the original poll vote again here. It’ll help keep the numbers accurate and show which drones are most favoured by Grey Arrows Club members.

  • DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum
  • DJI Mavic Air
  • DJI Spark
  • DJI Phantom 3
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro/Pro V2.0
  • DJI Phantom 4 Advanced
  • DJI Inspire 1
  • DJI Inspire 2
  • Parrot Bebop 2
  • Mavic 2 Zoom
  • Parrot Disco
  • Mavic 2 Pro
  • Yuneec Typhoon
  • Ryze (DJI) Tello
  • Other drone

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I’m a Phantom 2 for my “other”. :+1:

Edit: And a couple of Cheerson micros. :wink:


Cool. And I thought my Tello was tiny. :smiley:

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Great for flying whilst watching TV. :wink:

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You can turn the room lights off and do this, too. LOL!


Mavic air for me, I will get around to posting videos once they’re good enough


Currently only have a Mavic Pro.

I say currently… I was seriously tempted by this:

But somehow fought it off…

I’m finding as time goes on that my never ending bad dose of accessory-itis is making my MP less and less portable. To the point now it’s in a huge hard case which must weigh about 8KG fully loaded.

I keep looking at the Spark (second hand) for sheer portability, but apparently the Mavic Air actually folds smaller than the Spark?! But then it’s four times the price…


Well, as the Spark doesn’t actually fold that’s a bit of a non-comparison. Besides, it may be wider than a Mavic Air but it must be a lot shorter. Go on, you know you want one! :smiling_imp:

Well, I was more going by “footprint” size, I was thinking of something small just to leave in the car all the time.

I see the Spark FMC is on offer at the moment for just £579 - seems a bargain?

My only fear then is that as soon as a second drone arrives, my accessory-itis will kick in and tell me I then need 101 other items to complete my kit - at which point them I’m back to a massive case of full-on gear again, like I have with the MP now :rofl:

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Good price. Mine was £600 about nine months ago.

Oh yeah, at least 102 items to buy for the Spark, from leg extenders, to gimbal covers, to… Well you know the routine. Thing is, you’ll only need a smaller case. :wink:

Well I had a look around on eBay for some second hand Spark FMCs.

Ended up looking at second hand Inspire v1s :open_mouth:

Must. Resist.


//starts stopwatch//


There’s some deals to be had Dave…

My wallet can’t take another beating. And in typical fashion my ten year old diesel car is due an MOT next week, right after the laws changed today… I need to brace myself for that one… :frowning:

I had a grand of MOT bills in the last month on my diesel … BEFORE the change! And that was for all sorts of things nothing to do with it being diesel.
You should have taken it in early! You could have taken in up to a month before the MOT expired and you get another year from that expiry date. Nothing lost.

Could… not… resist…

I partly blame @MementoMori :blush:

Details to follow in another post, but I picked up this up last weekend (still not flown it yet):

Does two drones make a ‘fleet’?


:rofl: Did I post a photo of my fleet on here?

Nice. I’m jealous!

That beast counts as a whole bloody squadron! Congrats, mate. Looks like your playing with the big boys now. :smiley:

@PingSpike buy the Mavic Air fly more pack and be done with it :wink: it’s the drone I usemost for it’s quality and portability! It’s slightly limited controller range doesn’t matter if you’re following the “Drone Code” fully :wink: it’ll go much farther anyway! You just won’t see it!