The Grey Arrows 1st Annual Birthday Competition


The Grey Arrows Drone Club is pleased to announce its first Birthday!

Today, 17th August 2018, we are officially one year old! :tada:

In order to celebrate our birthday we are holding a Birthday Challenge Competition, with actual PRIZES! :gift:

Exciting times :clap:t2:

In keeping with tradition we’re also offering you the chance to win a super rare, exclusive badge to grace your Profile page! Haven’t heard of GADC’s awesome awards? Check out our announcement regarding Badges, Awards and Challenges.

So without further ado, welcome to the ‘2018 Birthday Competition’!

The objective is simple - post the single very best photograph you have ever taken with your drone and tell us why this is your very best photo.

The winners, as voted by other GADC members, will be awarded exclusive champion’s badges.

Not only that, but we have also have three actual PRIZES available for you to win in our Birthday Competition!

The prizes are:

1st Place Winner - A Ryze (DJI) Tello Drone

2nd Place Winner - £50 to spend at

3rd Place Winner - £25 to spend at

On top of the physical prizes, we also (and more importantly!) have three exclusive awards available for you to win in our first competition. They are:

1st Place Winner - Gold Trophy

2nd Place Winner - Silver Trophy

3rd Place Winner - Bronze Trophy

The rules and small print for this competition are as follows:

  • You must post your picture in this thread in order for it to be eligible (feel free to also post / duplicate it in the #media:photos category if you wish).

  • You may only post one picture / entry

  • Unlike our Challenges where photographs have to be taken during the challenge dates, the date your photograph for this competition was taken is irrelevant - a photograph from any date may be entered

  • Your entry must be accompanied by a paragraph of text between 50 and 250 words long, explaining why this is your best photograph. Perhaps this is your best photo because it was your maiden flight, your best flying experience, a location that is special to you, a most excellent adventure, fantastic holiday, etc. You must also tell us where the photograph was geographically taken (there are no restrictions on location, a photo taken in any country is eligable)

  • This competition is open from 06:00 on 17th August 2018 until 21:00 on 31st August 2018, the closing date. Media posted to this thread outside of these dates will not be eligible

  • Photographs must have been shot using a camera attached to, or built into, your drone - while your drone was in the air

  • The photograph must be a whole, or part, of a single photo or video frame. Panos are not eligible

  • If taking a photograph solely for the purposes of this competition, please abide by the Drone Code when shooting your media

  • All GADC members should cast their ‘vote’ by simply clicking the ‘Like’ button on each entry they wish to vote for

  • GADC members can Like as many entries / posts as they wish

  • The post with the highest number of Likes at 21:00hrs on the closing date will be deemed the first-place winner and that member will be awarded the exclusive 1st Place Gold Trophy and the Ryze Tello drone. The post with the second highest number of Likes will be awarded the 2nd Place Silver Trophy and the £50 Heliguy store credit, and the post with the third highest number of Likes will be awarded the 3rd Place Bronze Trophy and the £25 Heliguy store credit. No cash alternative is available

  • Any Likes cast after the closing date of the competition will be declared ineligible

  • These Terms and Conditions may be updated at any point during this competition. If they are updated, we will immediately announce the changes in this thread

  • In the event of a tie at any position the Grey Arrows Drone Club reserve the right to declare an outright winner at that position


:tada: :tada: :tada: CONGRATULATIONS :tada: :tada: :tada:

We have ourselves some Birthday Competition winners!

@m2bfx received the most :heart: and therefore earns the exceptionally exclusive Gold Trophy badge :trophy:

He also wins a Ryze Tello drone!!! :scream:

@ianinlondon came a close second and earns himself the Silver Trophy badge :trophy:

He also wins £50 to spend at Heliguy :clap:t2:

@Paul_M and @joe.k and were in joint third place and they each receive the Bronze Trophy badge :smiley:

They each win £25 each to spend at Heliguy :grimacing:

Congratulations to you all, nobody else can win these badges, they are exclusive to you and you alone :blush:

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries and to everyone who cast their votes - very much appreciated :+1:

Keep your eyes on the Challenges forum as we’ll be announcing the next GADC Challenge very soon!

Final Top Ten Voted Scores

LAST UPDATED: 31/08/18 @ 21:01

[1] @m2bfx15x Likes

[2] @ianinlondon12x Likes

[3] @Paul_M10x Likes

[3] @joe.k10x Likes

[3] Likes

[6] @milkmanchris7x Likes

[6] @BrianB7x Likes

[6] @colinbm7x Likes

[9] @RubiconCSL6x Likes

[9] @chrisjohnbaker6x Likes


Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday to us!
Happy BirthdayGADC!
Happy Birthday to us!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
:birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:


Congratulations on making it to your first birthday.
not been here long but loving the content.
How many members are we now?

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Just six short of 600 … 594. Though lots of very quiet accounts.


You need to go around their email addresses with a biscuit tin and a stick :slight_smile:


It would be an empty biscuit tin if it had been within my reach. LOL


Happy birthday all


Who’s going to be the first to enter? :thinking:

Well I am new to this hobby but I guess this is my best and possibly only decent jpeg for now…, as some of you you know, I have had major issues with faulty drones and then more recently my fly-away Spark in Sorrento.
But what I like about this image is the history it tells, dating back to the times of the Anglo-Saxons with one chronicler citing Bamburgh as probably the most important place in all of England. But even before this there were people living here, there is archaeological evidence that as early as 10,000 BC there were people here. We must all be proud of what this great country has to offer, in the way of historical interest. And its only 45mins away from my house.
Taken with the Mavic Air in late March, no ND filter as struggling with light


Well I’m going to give you a :+1: up for this one as it clearly shows that they have not been using sprinklers during the hot weather.
And…it’s a nice shot.



Great entry Barry.

Who’s up next?

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Question: Does it have to be a taken photograph or can it be a still from a video … asking for a friend! :grinning:

Brilliant photo @m2bfx :clap:

Thanks for the insight behind it too, nice one :+1:

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You can let your friend know, @Paul_M, that their entry of a still taken from a video would be acceptable :+1:

I’m sure they’ll be delighted to enter the competition :wink:


Smashing! … that was his reply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Who’d honestly know? Well we all would now so your friend better post a good one :rofl:


And in less that 24hrs of this competition going live, they’ve changed already :blush:

A new addition to the Ts and Cs, for the purposes of clarification:

  • The photograph must be a whole, or part, of a single photo or video frame. Panos are not eligible



Great idea guys, and happy birthday everyone birthday :birthday: :champagne::clinking_glasses::confetti_ball::tada:


Come on guys, 1 entry so far.

I don’t believe for one minute you lot have suddenly became shy. :wink:

Weve been looking forward to seeing everyone’s entry so let’s get it going.

Remember it’s not about having a professional looking photo.

The 50 - 250 word text is there for you to give us the back story or even tell us what that photo or place means to you.

The first drone photo I took is one of my favourites simply for the emotions it brings out.

It’s not all about the image :wink: