The Grey Arrows 1st Annual Birthday Competition


Ok a Newbie to the drone stuff, but took this one on a first flight at the coast, have been a keen photographer since I can remember, and always liked taking shots of landscape and scenery in strange angles, so the Drone has been on the Wish List for some time, and doing the homework on line it came to the Mavic Air, due to its compact size and amazing features, hope to see many amazing shots on here to help my hobby along its new route


Where was that taken @stevedevil?

Great photo mate :+1:


Hemsby, Norfolk :slight_smile:


This is Ormesby Broad taken from Filby Broad. Flying over here was on my local bucket list of places to fly although the birds were too interested so I had to cut it short. For me, it highlights what drone photography is all about, I never went there thinking ‘I’m going to get the morning sky reflected in the water’ it was just somewhere nice I wanted to try. It’s the surprises that flying a drone can bring which you just don’t see from ground level and the different perspective on things.


Great entry Paul, love those reflections.

:+1: Couldn’t agree more.


Wow, those reflections :open_mouth:

Great photo @Paul_M :+1:


very good indeed - any closer and the cannons would be out


This is one of my favourite pictures as it epitomises the classic droney straight down shot. This type of photo can’t be taken from a plane, rooftop or mountain; it’s only possible with a drone.
And this particular picture took a fair bit of lining up as the combines were both moving fast in different directions. Literally had to be in the right place at the right time for this one.

Photographic Order of Merit Gallery

Love the symmetry of the combines @ianinlondon and having the one with the small bit of red really adds to give the picture. Nice one :+1:


One of the simplest and I might add a non planned candid ‘portrait’, this is my eldest daughters (then) under 13 football squad at training. Its not what would spring to mind when you think of drone shots, but everyone else is going to be posting them.

I’d taken the drone to flight test after a firmware upgrade and happened on the sun being just right, this was shot early evening in May 2017 at Selby College playing fields… I’ve lost the original in a recent HDD failure, but managed to grab this from my Instagram account.

Brayton Belles, Giants in girls football.


That’s brilliant!!! :+1:


@ianinlondon Brilliant entry mate. Can see a lot of effort has went in to getting that one.

@milkmanchris Wow! That really is a cracker.

Thanks guys, keep em coming.


Amazing photos both @ianinlondon and @milkmanchris :+1:

Ian, you must have the patience of a saint waiting for that exact moment :slight_smile:

And equally, Chris, you too in trying to get everyone to stand at the correct angles - really unusual shot :smiley:


Brilliant was also the first word that came to mind for me when I saw your photo @milkmanchris - love it :+1:


As a newbie to drone photography I only have a few images to choose from. This was from one of my first outings for the GADC Treasure Hunt challenge, and I probably would not have ventured to visit this location so early into ownership for my MA if not for the challenge.

I have chosen this image of Southsea Pier as it combines early dawn light, which I always favour for landscapes pictures, with the shadows that are only possible when being taken for the view point of a drone. I feel that they give a third dimension to the shot.

This is not a panorama from a series of shots, but just dropped to a letter box framing.


Cracking photo @BrianB !

That pier would make a great landing pad :smiley:


For a Chinook? :rofl:


Great submission Brian!


Yeah, fair point, it is kinda huge :blush:


You seem to have lost track of the concept of “portability” that lead you to buying the MP. LOL