The Grey Arrows 1st Annual Birthday Competition


I know I’m not eligible to win but I thought I’d share this with you anyway.

As you’ve probably seen from my posts in The Great Big non-Drone Photo Thread! I’ve got bit of a thing for sunrises and sunsets :blush:

The story behind my personal-best photo?

I walk my dog nearly every morning on the local flashes (disused coal mines, purposefully collapsed and flooded many years ago in order to make a massive wildlife nature reserve). We’re here probably +320 days a year, through sun, wind, rain and come winter, pitch black dark too (Maglite LED torch rocks!), my wife thinks I’m slightly mental. Anyway, due to work commitments we’re usually here from 6am daily, even on the weekends (routine now) and during those golden-hour months we see some stunning sunrises. Especially in autumn, as you get this eerie freezing fog hovering really low over the lakes and through the damp woodlands. Ever since I got a drone I’ve wanted to fly it above the fog so one seriously cold morning I stood there for over an hour, just waiting for the sun to come up above the fog… bloody hell, my fingers we so cold after this flight I could barely fly the drone back!

Worth it though. Bit like some of yours that you’ve posted here, it was a right place at the right time kinda moment, albeit a somewhat planned time and moment.

This photo is cropped, but otherwise unedited.



Funny you should say that, its on my list of places to go back to, when we get some sun again, and a take of from there might look impressive!:wink:


Thanks Callum


Stunning Rich, would love the chance of flying over early morning mists as those :+1:


I agree and .jpg only! - stunning pic Richard


The Spark is a fantastic little drone.


Amazing …simply amazing


Some amazing shots here, am quite blown away with the sensor size and the images gained, feel sorry for the team judging the images, good luck :slight_smile:


The judging is done by the members … the number of likes! :+1:


I am going to submit this one, took whilst i was in Mexico and after a bit of a touch up (removal of most people :wink: )

The detail in the water for me is the standout, it was like bath water and the photo shows just that!

If you look really close you may even see some fish


cracking photo.



Come on people!

There’s a serious lack of entries and a seriously generous prize!

Get to it!!!


I’m away on holiday and don’t get back till the competition ends so I’ll post from something I have on my phone.

It’s a screenshot from a flight over the Thames on a sunny day. This was the first time I flew my drone (MP) over the Thames after losing my first drone (Hubsan H501) in the Thames. I took off after locking on to a decent amount of satellites and took it over the water. The MP started drifting :fearful: Raised the MP a bit and it seemed to be fine. From then on I had a very enjoyable flight filming the different boats travelling along the Thames. Don’t get much time to fly and missed a couple of opportunities to fly in sunny weather so I was happy to get a combination of good weather and scenery.




just because your in the lead @m2bfx Barry


I CAN remove my likes! :wink:


Amazing that this club has been going for a year, thanks to @PingSpike I would never have known
Many thanks


Oh yes I can see them …


This was taken up by Derwent Reservoir on a very hot sunny day. I had not long had the drone (Mavic Pro) so did not have any ND filters yet. Something about the contrast between the trees and the hills in the background and the blue sky which makes the photo come together nicely.


Hey George, welcome to GADC. You certainly don’t waste any time :+1:

Great entry.