The Grey Arrows 1st Annual Birthday Competition


Hah thanks. It’s actually @m2bfx who’s been bugging me for so long to join now. Well here we are.


@georgecrerar welcome mate, its a great site, and full of helpful professionals.


Well it has taken me a while to get him on board…that’s 3 people now on board @PingSpike


@georgecrerar thats PIN sharp, colours are fab


Pleased to say we’ve passed the 600-member mark - and just in time for our 1st birthday celebrations! :tada:

Thanks to one an all for making this such a big, friendly club. :smiley:


Stunning image, @milkmanchris. Often the best shots are the unplanned ones and this one works so well on many levels; composition, impact, exposure, etc. A great example of the sort of photography only possible by drone.


It hasn’t been easy choosing a photo for this for several reasons, but I’m going to submit this one.

Many of you might recognise this as Newquay, Cornwall, this has a special place in the heart of my family as well as myself, it is the place that I had many a holiday with my parents and siblings as a child and then growing up with my own family as well as still going along with my parents and brothers with their families.
More importantly it was where my parents had their honeymoon and 60 years on from then, now a couple of years back we scattered their ashes.
We still go back there for holidays and we place flowers where their ashes were not far from where they stayed in the hotel all that time ago.


Hi @MementoMori, you’ve posted two photos in this thread - can we delete the first one to avoid confusion?


The first one was comparing the above the fog to your photo, it is a pano so I didn’t think it was aloud in the competition.
By all means delete that one if you think it will cause confusion.


love it!


Hi, great work on setting up and maintaining this forum :clap:, i would imagine that it takes some real commitment to keep things up to date and engage with all the members. I feel privileged to be part of your group.

I have mainly been taking video with the MP but I have captured a few stills, TBH i am not good with the settings to get really good pics yet but its all about the practise. This picture is of Cheddar Gorge and was a quick snap whilst walking along the top with the family. I really like the aspect that allows you to imagine the forming of the gorge through its history. In the distance you can see the Cheddar Reservoir that is clearly man made compared to the gorge.

I look forward to trying to capture more stills in the future and winning that first place prize :wink:


Stunning pic @Richie.

Thanks for entering



I’m really enjoying seeing the photos in this thread. The standard is incredibly high. Thanks for sharing all.


We’re looking forward to your entry @PaperCrane :smiley:


My submission is from a mid heatwave flight at Digswell Viaduct. It’s my favourite shot because this structure just embodies the might and power of the Industrial Revolution, and it’s still in use today. A legacy from a different time that stands tall in this century. I also feel that as a non photographer I can see my work getting better with each set of pics I take and this flight was taken with a good friend of mine during a boiling summer and a stress time at work - it was a great way to spend the day, just enjoying the skies, and the views.


Current Top Ten updated!

Key word there being ‘current’.

We’ll update the top ten on a regular basis, based on the number of Likes that each entrant has.

It’s not too late to enter, there are still SEVEN DAYS left to enter and seven days left to cast your votes for all the current entrants!

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Fab picture. Love these historic buildings @m2bfx


Hi @Stephenclark and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Please feel free to enter our competition :smiley:


Come on, everyone! It doesn’t cost anything to enter!

Just rummage your stash of drone pics and post one!

You could be adding a Tello to your fleet … or creating a fleet by owning a second drone!


Thanks for entering. Just one thing …