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Well… this is my best shot because its one of the first from some taken today - first day out with my new MP (Not M2P unfortunately) where I was seriously scouting for a shot. Thunderstorm just past by and it was quite windy and I was having a good time, So this is it, thats all there is from me.
I like it because considering I had the phone screen display at half brightness so I couldn’t really see FA , (Check list!) it was neat to realise the imprints of the boats hull in the sand from previous tides.

Photographic Order of Merit Gallery

The more I see shots of boats moored up on mud with the tide out, the more they intrigue me.

Love the marks left in the mud from previous low tide positions, and how the lighter sand accumulates in certain places as the ebbing tides flow around the hull washing away the finer muds.


Great shot Joe.

I wouldn’t have noticed the previous marks from low tide. Very cool.

Thanks for entering.


That’s an incredible photo @joe.k :clap:


Not been droning on for long - well, about three weeks. Probably managed to get out and fly twice. This is from the second flight. I therefore don’t have a lot of them to choose from, so saying its my “fave ever” is a bit of a misnomer. I’ve only flown for about an hour or so. But anyhoos, here’s my best effort to date. I’ve played with it a bit in ON1, although I’m also totally new to the concept of post editing. So actually, it should be entered in to the competition for first efforts and first post editing effort s!

With out any further ado, here it is. Location is Burrowbridge Mump, in between Taunton and Glastonbury, very close to my village. Taken late afternoon, pretty cloudy, I think I had an ND8 filter on (had just bought it). Otherwise pretty well at auto settings. I think I may have dropped the exposure down a bit, from watching a Youtube vid. Only real post edit was to enhance the greens outside the sky bit and blue in the sky bit. Then a small vignette.

I hope you like.



Very nice, Thanks for entering.

New Mavic Pro owner Leicestershire

Hi Dominic, Welcome to GADC …. and straight in with a comp entry, too!

Great shot! :+1:


One of my earlier shots after getting the drone. The view across Edinburgh to the Castle.

I haven’t splashed out on Aurora HDR, but this was one of the photos processed from 3 exposures while I had the trial (hopefully that doesn’t breach the single photo rule?).

The only place I can fly nearby is the local park (it’s subscribers only so is often quiet) and if I’m in the very middle I’m 50m from surrounding streets - I can go up, and then down, but not side to side. Maybe pushing it a little as outside the park is built up.

Photographic Order of Merit Gallery

The mist behind the Castle is brilliant. Without that it would merge into the background more.
HDR is fine! :+1: … auto or composite.


Ok I feel bad because this is the third time I’ve uploaded this pic into different threads here but c’mon! It’s a good pic!!

I love this pic because I had to overcome MUCH anxiety to take it. Firstly, it was night time. Secondly I was going to fly off over a harbour(Falmouth), and thirdly, I was flying into a firework display. To cap it all, when the fireworks began about 3000 seagulls immediately took flight from those roofs in the picture and my drone was momentarily lost in a flock of feathers! Fortunately they were too panicked to mind! (I hate seagulls! )

Any way, love how the pic came out despite the low light conditions. Very impressed with the mavic pro camera, only a little light room help required…


Thanks for entering Tom.

Great pic, turned out really well :+1:


Wow amazing shot!


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New entries from @joe.k, @RubiconCSL, @colinbm and - thanks for entering guys :+1:

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Thanks rich will do an anti-rain dance so I can take one before Friday


This photo must be The most northerly photo on this Forum ! (approx. 700 kilometres from the North Pole)
It was very special to me as it was taken after a flight of 10 minutes at -10 degrees, over half a mile of open sea at Nordenskiöld Glacier on the Island of Spitzbergen, The glacier is across the open sea from Pyramiden, the most Northerly Town in The World, which was once a Russian Coal Mining Town ,now abandoned (apart form 6 people).
I had been on a small boat that had to go ashore during our Excursion. It was also special as it was taken on the day of our 40th wedding anniversary last year.
It was one of those “shall I, shan’t I” moments, I had my batteries in the my warm Artic Parka, and went for it !.
200 feet high Glacier Wall, 12 miles long, 3 miles wide.
I knew that if anything went wrong with my Mavic, I could kiss it goodbye !.
I landed with 5% Battery remaining !!
(Video Capture)


The mavic operated ok at-10? I thought they only operated down to 0? That’s a great pic though. Must have been hairy getting her back!


I flew also at Pyramiden later that day, it was snowing at 400 ft, which I could see on my videos, when I got back to the cruise ship.
I have to be honest and say that I initiated Sport mode for the outward leg, due to the wind.
Luckily, I had a tail wind coming back, if not I am sure I would not have made it.
The cold certainly zaps the batteries quickly, my total flight time was only 17 mins.
Here’s a link to the Video I done of the Glaciers I flew over


Ah, this was quite tough - choosing one mediocre photo from lots of mediocre photos!

This was last July in Pembrokeshire - Whitesands Bay near St Davids. We’d walked to the quiet end of the beach - this is looking directly down on the cliffs. We flew a couple of batteries here, and it was also the first time I “lost” the Mavic - grey Mavic, grey cliffs, not the best combination!


You are a braver man than me. I’m still a very nervous pilot & there’s no way I’d have had the guts to send my MP that far away - and that’s without the extreme drone-unfriendly cold.


I done a lot of research on Battery temperature’s before I went, and did not take any notice of the minimum operating temperature DJI had said, I had flown for several flights at -5 in the days leading up to the Glacier Flight, so much for their specs !.
I bet the wind chill factor made it even worse.
The Mavic was freezing cold after the flight !