The Grey Arrows 1st Annual Birthday Competition


Aww thanks guys! A bronze trophy? Feels like a school sports day! Fantastic :smiley:


@m2bfx @ianinlondon @joe.k

Don’t forget, guys, you can have your badge display after your username … like @Paul_M has already done …


Just go to your profile and change your Title …



What a great competition and what a great first year for the forum, mostly thanks to the tireless efforts and guidance of our super-mod PingSpike!

Great selection of photos all round. Shows what amazing perspectives we can achieve.

Cheers to everyone who entered and voted.



Some stunning entries all round. I seriously need to up my game! Congratulations to the winners.


@OzoneVibe - done will wear it with pride mate…


@ianinlondon @joe.k @Paul_M
Well done to each and everyone of you, some absolute belter pics.
Thanks also to everyone for your kind comments.
Special thanks must goto @PingSpike for the origional invite to this amazing club.
Thanks again all


So, the next questions is…when is the next comp !!!
It does, i must say invoke more activity on the Forum to give everyone the impudous to strive for more better pictures.
i agree with Ian (and well done Ian and Co !) that it shows our world from a different perspective totally !.
If only half the muppets we encounter on our droning experiences were to see the results, maybe they would not be this negativity against our hobby/obsession !!
And i have met many of them Muppets on my travels !!


Never fear … one is in the pipeline! :+1:


Hopefully it will be a bit more challenging that just looking on a hard drive.

I really enjoyed the 2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge but this last one had nothing more than looking at what you already have and deciding which one to post.
Just my honest opinion.


That’s a cracking pic, Rich, well worth the pain. (re post #44)


The Birthday competition was designed to give everyone a chance and not be biased towards those with more time, better equipment, location etc.

Don’t worry, there will be more treasure hunts coming up :wink:


Well, I don’t have that much time, I work 12 hour shifts :sleeping:
My equipment is no better than anyone else’s :thinking:
And I don’t see my location better than anyone else’s if I’m honest.
What I meant was it might have been more of a challenge to get out and take some photos rather than just search through what they already had that’s all :neutral_face:
Having some sort of challenge is the only thing keeping me interested and not selling most of my equipment at the moment that’s all.
It was as much as I could do to find enough arsed to get out yesterday but I’m glad I did in the end.
Just saying :neutral_face:


Thanks Peter!

It was bloody cold :rofl:


Tom, you’ve got a PM waiting for you :wink:


OK so a mad dash home and quickly opened the box…
Yep the baby has arrived, and she is so quiet
First image 2592 x 1936 pixels
Thanks again all
Will have a play when the wind goes down a bit and the weather improves. more images to follow.


That’s a cracking photo from something so small.

Well done again.


I was shocked also, will try again in better light.


Congrats again and enjoy your prize looks quite a good photo


Great news Barry!!

Two more and you’ll be eligible for the Fleet Operator badge :smiley:

Congrats once again on winning mate, enjoy the Tello :+1:


Thanks mate, will test more when the weather changes