The last proper day of flight for my Phantom 4

I shot this video early May 2017, decided to go for one last pan across the moat while filming the castle, all of a sudden it started to sound like a brush strimmer, it was at this point I realised I had fooked up and entered the trees.

Only about 50m away I could hear it in the trees, chopping at the branches and then stopping, this seemed to go on for a few minutes as I ran towards it, about 5-10m away it fell probably 10m through the trees and landed upside down just on the edge of the moat, battery ejected, camera snapped off at the gimbal, one snapped prop.
Almost in tears, I gathered all the bits I could find and came home.

I still have it now and it still flies, I’ve replaced the ribbon wire, roll motor and done my best to straighten the yaw arm but the camera now shakes its head, I did buy a Chinese copy arm but there are a few differences to it.
It will live again one day.

I did manage to get just over 52 mph out of it the other day for this though, Breaking the speed limit

Video below before the tree chopping.

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Great video @MementoMori

I’m sorry your beloved P4 sacrificed itself though :frowning:

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Thank you Rich, all part of the learning process I suppose.
It didn’t take very long to buy the P4P after this :wink:

beautiful and so serene -:+1:

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