The nights are drawing in


I think I’ve lost the plot here ! why have two lights on front and back that are both
the same colour? Surely if you want to know which way the ac is pointing, you need different colours?
Copied from Flytron web site:

Colour Selection
Because of human eye’s limitations, Every colour has different visibility and energy transfer rate.
Also, every LED colour has different chemical compounds and efficiency.
According to our experience in years;

WHITE: The best visibility and efficiency.
RED: 2th in the visibility and the efficiency is same as white but the best for the warning.
GREEN: 3th in the visibility and the efficiency. Best for Standard RED/GREEN (Left/Right) navigation usage.
BLUE: 4th in the visibility and also the efficiency. We are not suggesting this colour for warning or navigation but special usage.

Bottom line: White and Red is the best option if you need long range visible strobes. And you can use the green to identify your flying platform direction. Blue is only for special applications. "


So the Crees flash?


“Cree” don’t flash by default, but to have the brilliance you need to see them over moderate range in ambient light, they’d need larger batteries.

As the name suggests, “Strobon” are strobes … and since they flash for a small fraction of a second, their power usage for a given visibility range, is far lower and supported by a minute battery (= light weight).


Just if your not bothered about orientation and only looking to make it more visible to yourself and other aircraft.


I have red on the back and white on the front for orientation only😀


Hi, can anyone share a picture of their MP with the lights fitted, just so I can see the setup? Most intriguing, Im assuming that these are far more visible than the built in lights then



You’ll get an idea how bright from the first couple of posts in this thread …



But most people just Velcro them on :+1:


Excellent, love the attention to detail :+1:. I will certainly consider this in the near future. hadn’t considered it but makes sense.


Ordred 2 from Flytron pm yesterday and they arrived am today. Good service.


Thanks!! :grin:


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Well I put them on my MP2, on the front legs and it went haywire. It seemed to sense an obstacle in the dark and set off backwards trying to avoid an obstacle every time the strobes flashed. Sooo I repositioned them so that I have just one flashing light underneath the aircraft, at least I can still see her in the dark.
After being a bit shaken by the event, I decided to but some PGYTECH extended legs which include powerful Cree lights that attach to the rear legs. I did take a photo but they were so bright that it came out as a huge bright blob in the night sky. But at 100 feet away, they were blooming bright!!!
I will try and get a decent photo.


Here we go.

A few photos of the pgytech landing gear and lights fitted to the MP2. I really recommend these, for a couple of reasons.

They fit properly, use AAA battery which can be bought anywhere, have two levels of brightness, (bright and ‘holy crap my retina has burnt out’) as well as a 3rd which is a strobe effect.


Im a big fan of PGYTech stuff as well. As you say, looks quality and almost looks “original equipment”.
Ive just ordered the same lights for the Air - to have my first “dusk” flight.
Neat solution to combine the leg extenders and lights on the M2


do you thing they are worth the money??


The pgytech are worth the money. A couple of reasons. They fit superbly and securely and look like part of the drone.
They raise your drone up and prevent damage to the camera gimbal.
The lights are powered by AAA batteries which are available everywhere, even rechargeable ones if you are an environmentalist. Have 3 modes as I mentioned in previous post.
I did buy a pair of strobon strobes (see pic) which are very very good, however unless you have a 3D printer, you then have to buy a pair of carriers to securely attach them to the legs which doubles the cost. You have to recharge them (or remember to do it) cos the battery is built in. They are small and light tho, but fixing them in with Velcro doesn’t look very secure or professional.


Or to the rear arms with two cable ties for a couple of p. :wink: