Those CREE Strobes are Sooo Bright!

Probably been mentioned on here before !, If so mods, feel free to remove it !

Just got a set of red, green, white Cree Strobes from Flytron.

My eyes are still recovering from initial switch on !!
My advice, get the decent 3M Dual Lock to mount them (they also sell that !).
I bought a 1 metre length from Amazon, now I can fit them to all the drones I have, and interchange the lights onto them when I need to.


Yeah I quickly learned to locate the button and point away when switching on.
Mega bright!

Got the same Velcro, have them on mavic and soon to be on disco.

Think disco will look awesome with them on the wing tips. Just need to decide where to put the white one.


Yeah those things are crazy bright! Laser eye surgery at home :joy:


You just had to bring the disco into it! :grin: good plan. I too have some for the Mavic with the 3d printed cages that snap onto the legs. Wonder if I can attach them to the disco :thinking:

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I love the CREEs, you can see them a bloody mile off! :+1:



I’ve just bought a single white Cree strobon. Where is the best position to fix it on the Mavic Pro?
Pictures would be a great help.

Just one … good question.
Difficult to mount where you can always see it, so probably on one of the rear arms and, if you can’t see it, a brief rotation will always make it visible.

Been toying with adding some for quite a while … but would probably go for three - red/green/white - to further assist with both visibility thru all angles and orientation.

For a single white, on the rear above indicator or over dji sign. You will only see it from one direction so helps with orientation.

If it’s to make it make it more visible to other aircraft, on the top Velcro’d to battery.


You could always get one of these clip-on mounts ….

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Biggest problem with those mounts is their postage charge of $13.
If you’re interested, we should try and find a few other people who are also interested and do a single purchase.

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Better still ,find someone in the UK who will make them !!.
Probably only 3D Printed, anyone up for it?.
Crazy price for postage !

Yup, they are, but the front arms are awkward shapes. I looked into doing the design and a friend printing … but really not worth the hassle. IMO.

I reckon there would be someone else already making them in the UK if it was worthwhile/simple.

Pretty sure there are a couple of designs on Thingiverse.
Personally I like Velcro.

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I looked at Thingieverse … none as tidy.

Actually, I prefer the two part ones that @PingSpike got … but they’re not made any more, as far as I can find.

yeah, I’m with you on the Velcro, at least I can fit them to all my birds.

Does the Mavic camera pick up the flash from lights fitted at the front?

The worst thing about Velcro is that it looks as ugly as sh*t when not in use.
I also don’t like defacing something I may sell soon. Devalues it.

Dave, the Velcro peels off without marking surface. I’d be more worried about constantly putting a bit of plastic on and off marking it.

As far as it being ugly, you honestly barely notice them, the cree strobes are tiny.

I bought brackets for the strobons and tracker, ended up tossing the lot, too much messing about putting them on and didn’t have the space in my case.

Different strokes for different folks though, and your right, none of the printed ones available from UK are as elegant as the ones by Msinger.

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“Different strobes for different folks” :stuck_out_tongue:

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