The Quad Show, Show off what you've built

Figured as I finished my Toothpick build I thought it would be good to see what other members have built.

Show off your quads!

Here is my latest build to start off the thread:

It’s a lightweight 5inch build. (Not quite sub250g)

And my finished 2.5inch toothpick:

Let’s see what you’ve built!


Cool idea for a thread Deano :+1:t2:
Both look of really good build quality mate :ok_hand:t2:

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Can’t take all the credit it was @notveryprettyboy idea to show off my lightweight 5 inch. :ok_hand:t2:

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Worthy of the great Finbarr Saunders himself,

Fnarr, Fnarr!


Luckily for me Rob, I have a 7", although, could be bigger
Here’s my 7" on a 6s. It’ll do a 6 mile round trip and will purr along at 100mph


Well great idea from both of you :smiley:


It does look as if it will break a record


It definitely looks a mean little beast :grin:


What is it taped to the arm Deano? Is that the GPS?


I like the way you’ve routed the motor wires to avoid prop strike


Yeah small GPS module to display Speed in my OSD :wink:

And on the rear arm is my Immortal T crossfire RX antenna :ok_hand:t2:

Yeah I’ve heat shrunk the wires to keep them neat, I normally like to run Props out but with the design of the frame it made sense to run props in purely so I could route the motor wires like that to avoid the prop strikes.

The GPS module is right in the prop strike zone though but with it being such a tight light build there wasn’t really anywhere else to mount to so will just have to see how it goes :+1:t2:

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Maybe ‘built’ is stretching it a bit, but this has been taken apart and reassembled so many times, often with new parts, that I guess it sort of counts as a DIY build.
Nazgul5 4S, running Tracer and high power TBS vtx, GPS, etc.

I’ll dig out some pics of the others…



Although I haven’t modded mine much other than converting it to crossfire.


This is my first self build.

It started life in 2013 as a basic DJI F550. Over the years it has morphed.

In its current state it sports.

DJI Naza V2. with M8N GPS.
DJI Datalink Groundstation.
DJI E310 Propulsion System
DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal and Gopro Hero4 Black.
FrSky X8R receiver with Zaggometry interface for sending all Naza Telemetry to the Taranis X9D.
Fatshark 600mWatt VTX
AeroXcraft G10 Landing thingy.
AeroXcraft 650mm aircraft grade alloy arms.

I’m currently powering it from 10,400mAh 3S (2x 5200mAh). On a good day I can get about 17mins of flight. I’m not happy with the performance of the 9x45 props supplied with the E310 system and I intend to put the 10x5 props back on.



That’s quality @Nidge looks a proper beast!


Thank you. It’s actually the smallest of the three camera Hex’s I have.

The largest, a 1200 size, has very much been a work in progress for quite sometime, and the Tarot 680Pro?. I have all the parts but I’ve just not found the enthusiasm to put it all together yet. I’ve done a couple of small builds recently but they’re the sort of thing you can bang together in an hour or two.


Here’s my lockdown creation “Covid-19x”, my first FPV. It’s certainly been an interesting journey/project. I’ve yet to pick up the courage and try and fly it yet. (I have already bought a big bag of spare props, just in case).


Looks a decent build :+1:t2: what size is it?

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Not sure how you measure it? It’s 6 inches between the motor centres. Frame is a HSKRC TWE210.

The size of the props is the most common way to determine size. :+1:t2: looks a tidy build. Is it your first build? Was is it a kit or did you select the parts yourself? Bet ya can’t wait to fly it! :grin:

Just looked up your frame it’s a 5inch :+1:t2: