The "Return to Matlock" - Sat 16/07/2022 - Cancelled

Four of us are going over to Matlock (this a good idea?)… For a bit of Bando bashing, been a while! Bring you’re best quads for a great day.

I plan on arriving a little before 10, and will stay there till it’s all broken, lost or gone.

Do I want to return here?

For those who don’t know, this was where I went last October for my second ever go of outdoor FPV, and lost my new build… This is the first time I return, and fingers crossed, whilst I won’t lose it, I will probably break it’s replacement :slight_smile:

Parking: what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location

Flying: what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location


For details of the last lot of fun…

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Just a quick note there has been some changes a fence has been put up to stop people going but people have pulled it down from what i have heared and the code i think for the gate is 2004 now if i find on another groupe chat i will let u know. Also some building people have been knocking about so yh just a warning.

Hmmm interesting…

The owner of the land had plans to builds houses and stuff there but everyone thought it was for 2 years or so from now but not sure now whats happening.

Just don’t kill the DJI fpv :see_no_evil:


Cancelling due to unknown getting in requirements.

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We need to recce it, I’ll see if the wife fances a ride out to Matlock on Sunday :rofl:

If you go, ask the farmer. If he says no, he’ll just give anyone shit and it’ll be a crap day if they go

If someone local can reccy it. Mixed messages about it is all… Damn shame wanted the return!

Dam was up for a bit of Matlock :frowning_face:

Ok, I went up to the Matlock Bando to take a look around this evening…

Gate… same as always… 2004 works

Next gate… fine… loads of parking

Aha… now we have something… there’s a fence… sort-of…

Yup, that’s a fence… a bit horizontal mind you, not so effective.

Some of the fence is vertical… looks like a quad hazard to me.

Even more of the fence knows how to be a fence.

Round the back quite a bit of fence is actually a fence.

Anyway… we’ve already made other arrangements for Saturday. But at least you can see what it’s like at Matlock now.

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Yeah could be with a shot some time. Before they knock it all down. Thanks for the reccy

Has anyone organised an alternative to matlock ???