This DJI drone only needs 3 propellers to perform aerial photography

An interesting concept, let’s see if it becomes reality.

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How long before the ‘DJI Yanko - rumours, speculation and release date’ thread starts? :smirk:

I predict worse wind resistance performance than a quad.

No doubt when it comes out it will be the #1 “Look at what I have” ??? :rofl:

Drone tech is going the way of novelty over utility of late.

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Does the number of motors really affect overall power consumption that much ? For a given weight of drone you still need to generate the same thrust to keep it aloft

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I believe larger propellers are more efficient (ref Mini 2 to Mini 3 Pro changes) but I’m not sure about quantity of props. I think I’ll stick with even numbers!

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If it isn’t full frame with an hours flight time I’m out ;o)


…and in the <250g category, rock steady in force 6 winds, and unflappable signal strength.

Under £500 with £50 batteries


Homing in on it!

I see Spade Design’s renders show three clockwise propellers. So the whole thing will be spinning like a top. UFO :flying_saucer: sightings intensify!

Let’s hope a drone manufacturer sees this thread :grin:

It’s a similar effect as with a car’s engine RPM. Once it reaches a certain RPM the efficiency starts dropping off a cliff. It’s less sharp with electric motors but they do experience an efficiency loss with speed after a certain point.

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So three small props are likely to be less efficient than 4 larger ones

Isn’t it likely to be noisy as can be? That’s a tiny duct to blow all that air through…

And DJI, spyware, the dangers of regular “software updates”, the rarity and expense of spare parts…

But if it has decent endurance and a decent camera, I could see a great future for it spotting artillery… (providing DJI approve the “cause” and allow it to fly there, of course)

I was thinking more along the lines of clay pigeon shooting. Pull!

Aa tri copter eh!.. Different I supose, but we already have the V-Copter Falcon which is a Bi Copter

One way to lose a bit more weight for the DJI Mini 4 eh!, remove two arms, two sets of props, two motors and 4 screws, then just add side sensors and they’ve cracked it.

Got to be nonsense. Which way’s the 3rd prop rotating? It’d have to be spinning twice as fast as the other 2 but the prop tips speed cannot break the speed of sound or it would lose lift.
Well, that’s this armchair pilot’s clever dick take on it!

A Bi Copter? Isn’t that a bit exclusionary? How about a WokeCopter?! :smiley:

How about the Soviet MIL_MI-32 from 1982. It was to be a three prop, super heavy transport mainly for the military, capable of carrying up to 60 tons. Powered by two turboshaft engines, per prop, it would have generated approx 60,000 hp, with a range of approx 745 miles and around 140mph top speed

I wonder if you could fly that in A1 category since it doesn’t have a camera :smiley:

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