Time-Lapse videos

That’s impressive :heart_eyes:

I’d forgotten about this thread

I was out testing the Insta360 capabilities last week

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The day it snowed on the Fylde…

Shot at 1 frame per 10s on a GoPro hero 3


It appears to have lost its 360 capabilities, I can’t change the view? :thinking:

That’s just a front facing 150 degree view

Again, not mine, i just don’t have this level of dedication to anything! :laughing:

Rather excellent, and includes some drone footage.


Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth - Sunrise 12/5/22

(Video deleted)


Hmmm - it was late last night when I rendered that time-lapse - and there’s a couple of twitches in it. Need to take a look at that - 'coz there bloody shouldn’t be. :rage:

Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth - Sunrise 12/5/22

Re rendered. A few frames were out of sequence.

My other camera was catching the reflections in the misty water …

… possibly.