Timelapse or Hyperlapse help

How do you create the above with photos but also stop the movement from the drone?
Is there an easy free way to do it?
I’ve just watched a video on how to do it from a camera with Lightroom and Photoshop but it doesn’t mention movement for obvious reasons.

You mean slight wobbles, etc?

I’d find most video editing programs a far easier route … and it’s then exactly where you want it to tweak speeds, colours, etc.


Ah, right, I didn’t know you could do that.
So Davinci Resolve could do the job then?

Yes! Easily! … if the image files are sequentially numbered … as they usually are.

Just drag the ALL the files, as one, into Reolve’s media pool, and it creates a single item. Drag this to the timeline. Done!

Might need to set the default duration of each image (might not - can’t recall. I’ll check my settings in a tic).

Wobbles … resolve as a stabiliser function.
Takes a small amount of learning (especially all the parameters) - search YT for some instructional videos on it. It really is very good.

The vid in Brief time-lapsey kinda thing was stabilised. I’ll post the “before” in a bit … you’ll see the difference.

No stabilising …

Stabilised …

Not a lot of wobbles in the original …. but those that there are have gone in the second one.


A better example of what it can achieve ….

Hand-held 600mm lense ….

Stabilised ….

A few stabilisation artefacts … but… :+1:


That works really well!

Does it automatically crop the footage for you?

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It can, and does, if you ask it to. :wink:

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BTW - that Wheatear is a damned rare bird in these parts! You probably get a lot of them!
Feeding up on bugs/spiders/creepy-crawlies before migration channel crossing the other week!

Edit: He was in my garden for about 6 hours!

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I’m pretty sure i saw someone do that using adobe AfterEffects to do stabilisation but premiere pro does it too.

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Indeed - iMovie too, I believe … many do, but @MementoMori already uses Resolve, as do I.

My post was in response to the “Can it be done in Reolve?” question … not an exclusion to other progs.

I’ve never used that but most good editing software has some sort of image stabilisation feature. Not sure about the free versions though.

Does anyone know what application i can use to make a hyperlapse/timelapse manually without using the dji Go 4’s Hyperlapse feature? I prefer to take my images in RAW so i can fix them up

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As above - most video editors can do it really easily.

I’ve done it in Premiere, Resolve, Power-Director, … and others, in the past.

It’s in the free version of Resolve. That’s the only version I have. :wink:


In Premiere it’s just a case of creating a bin, selecting sequential file names then dragging on to timeline.
Stabilise using warp stabiliser.

However Resolve does the same job for free.

For hyperlapse where you are walking, a gimbal is essential.

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I don’t fall over if I avoid the beers! No gimbal needed! :wink:

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Thank you, trying to get something done for the GH Challenge but with having to work, sleep and life, time is running short.
I might just enter something else for my last entry and do this another time.

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It does need a little time to understand the stabilising in Resolve. That’s often the case with something with a LOAD of little features. And Resolve even has TWO methods (old/new) that work slightly differently and also differ as to which I find better for what. (Which I forget and have to start all over the next time. LOL!)

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I forget it just using the same one, there is so much to learn with all the other software is just doesn’t stay in my head.
Something to work on for the future I think.
Thanks again.
In work tomorrow so I’ll just enter something else I was going to anyway.

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Never used it before, I guess it might come handy.

The results are amazing!