Tiny planet

tiny planet from my garden ND 16 Mavic air


Can I do this on a Mavic pro if so how ???

Yes, you can.

First, take a 360 panorama.
Open the Go4 gallery (triangle bottom right), and select the pano. It will download the 34 images and stitch them.
The app displays a tiny planet image you can screenshot.

Only problem with the Go4 version is that it’s rather lo res.

You can take your 34 images from the sd card and stitch into s hi-res (using something like Microsoft’s ICE) and upload to places like Kuula for viewing as 360 or Tiny Planet.

Search the Pano posts. There’s quite a few about doing this, with some tips.

You can just post the stitched image from the app to Kuula, too, if you don’t want to faff making hi-res.
You’ll find the stitched image in the DJI/DJI.GO.V4 folder (Android).

Edit This link has quite a bit of info going the hi-res route. Once it’s into Kuula it’s a button click to switch to Tiny Planet view and make some zoom adjustments to taste.

Just remembered, you can export a TP image direct from ICE, too. :+1:

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Thanks guys I will give it a try

Microsoft ice is probably the easiest route when you stitch the pano select the stereographic option