Today’s video of abandoned buildings

Whilst the wind was almost none existent (sadly so was the sun) I took the opportunity to take the Mavic back to my favourite abandoned buildings. Unfortunately the light was terrible so no indoor flights, but still great fun!

Hope you like it…


Liked and subbed

Actually, I think it benefits from the very soft light. You can see all the subtle colours far better without the contrast from sunshine.

Nice video.

I’m curious, what was that building?

RAF Upwood, in Cambridgeshire, long since abandoned and soon to be turned into a housing estate…


I was pleasantly surprised as some of the footage was using ISO 400 due to the low light, normally something I would definitely try and avoid, but the footage turned out ok.

And a nice tiny planet of the same location


And a 360. Not sure what happened on the join…


Great 360! Loving that people are posting these now!

You get to understand the location so well. :+1:

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Which app did you use to stitch?

PTGui, didn’t try viewing on my Mac before uploading though which was obviously a mistake lol.

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Yet another cracking video @Jcborden :clap:t2:

Did you fly the shot at 0:38 by hand?


Thanks for sharing that pano photo too, nice one :smiley:

@PingSpike, thanks, used POI for that shot just with a drop in altitude (then reversed in post to fit better).

Love the new pano feature you’ve added.

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OK, so this one is joined better :slight_smile:


LOVE these embedded panos!!!

I can even zoom in and out with the mouse wheel on the PC :+1:

Even better on mobile device when clicking on the compass makes them respond to device movement. :+1:

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I will add this rather than start a new thread

It was very sunny and only my 2nd ever flight of my own MP

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