Tower Bridge 360°, with the Moon and Jupiter (19.07.22)


If you use the Embed HTML link you get a bigger preview window :wink:


Sorry for been a thicko, which button is that?

Lol I was looking for that option on this site, yes found it on Kuula. Many thanks :grinning:

That is absolutely stunning

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It may be a rookie question, but did you need any special permissions for flying in this area? I’d be interested in the TOAL point - I worked just down the road from here for a number of years.

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That rotation! A combination of dizziness and it killing the definition with the blur it adds. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t added any rotation, it is manual :slight_smile:

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I was referring to @Sparkyws version, hence the …


… in the top right of my post. :wink:

I know, as the OP I mentioned that mine doesn’t rotate :slight_smile:

When you open the rotating image, it can be stopped with your mouse, or finger if you have a touchscreen :wink:

Indeed. This I know … and have done for a good 4+ years (Hell - it was me that had this feature added to GADC! :rofl:). But as soon as you un-click it starts spinning again - too fast.

IMO - slow spin is OK, usually, but for yours I think zero spin works best because of the pin-point lights that look better without the amount of blur that’s added.

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Gosh! That was almost spot on!! 18th Sep '18. : Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To Post on GADC

No special permission, TOAL was in Hermitage Gardens, which is not owned by Tower Hamlets. This was at 1:00am, only one couple in the park and I made them aware I was about to launch a drone, but they did not seem at all bothered. :grinning:

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Thank you! I’ve dived into the thread about flying in London - quite a Pandora’s Box unlocked there!!

Stunning night view of “the smoke”.

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