Tower Bridge - Added to Bridges in London

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene:

Land owner permission requirements unknown.

Pay & Display parking on Wapping High Street beside Hermitage Riverside Memorial Garden.

Tower Hamlets Council does not permit TOAL from their Parks or Open Spaces, however the Hermitage Riverside Memorial Garden is NOT listed as a Tower Hamlets Park or Open Space. Source: Parks rules

There is an imposed DJI flight restriciton over HMS President which could affect your flight and your drone may land in the water. Details of drone losses at Lost my drone in the drink! and Squeaky bum moment at Tower Bridge.

The originator declared that this location was not inside a Flight Restriction Zone at the time of being flown on 09/07/2022. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying at the same location.


Sheesh- where did you TOAL? Sorry if that sounded a bit like I’d put a spolight on your face and barked “ver did you shtart ze drone?!”
I’m just v interested!

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I think the answer is in the post!


@forsvinner does this thread answer your question mate?

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Thanks. Feeling embarassed!

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Yes, I’m still a bit scared because it’s a very busy area and when I take off from there it seems like a lot of eyes are watching me, it’s crazy to feel like you’re doing something illegal when you’re just taking photos or videos…

That’s the world we live in today :confused:

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@etchacan An outstanding piece of detective work!

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Not forgetting you also should be gaining permission from the Port of London Authority to fly any drone over the River Thames. Personally I’d be very weary flying in that area without the relevant permissions.

This is why I prefer night flights. I’m in Kent, so driving up to London during the day, finding somewhere I can park and finally waiting to be able to take off from a small park, when there’s likely to be people around, just isn’t something I’m willing to undertake. Very early morning may be tempting, but I’d wanna be out of town before the traffic mayhem!


I’ve flown here too @etchacan :grin:

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I’d like to try flying here. Partly cause it looks like a great spot for photos and videos but mainly as a prep & planning test for me. Ive done flights in parks at quiet times and also at a rather empty beach. But I am keen to try planning a flight in an area that has more restrictions and needs a bit more thought.

Has anyone flown here recently? Have things changed? Or has anyone tried going down the route of applying to the London Port Authority?

Just curious if anyone has any tips.

I flew there last week. I personally went early around 9am and there was barely a soul around.

Re the PLA , I didn’t bother asking for permission.

Had a really good flight at this location yesterday 10-11am. Quite nervous at first. There was a lot of Helicopter activity - more than I expected. And quite a few people in the park around 10am, but I just waited a bit till they all left, Helicopters also disappeared and I saw a good window of opportunity to TOAL and took it. I didn’t get LPA authority, but also, I just flew straight up and got my shots and flew straight down. Didn’t go over the water. Does that make a difference from a permissions point of view - just curious if anyone has any input on that?

No because as @SkyOkapi pointed out in my picture of Tower Bridge… " They ask you to, but you have zero legal obligation to do so. "

Fly up or down or over the water, you’re in a CTR and just follow the drone code :+1:

I had a quick look at the area when i was passing a couple of days ago. Didn’t fly as it was quite busy but tempted to go back at a quieter time of day. Here is a pic of the park and view i took.

There’s a nice spot to fly from just down the river near The Prospect of Whitby pub. Small beach at low tide. Bit far for tower bridge but great views over Canary Wharf.


Yeah you were across from Shadwell Basin. No VLOS whatsoever at that location and Tower Bridge. There is another much close at Wapping Old Stairs by the Town of Ramsgate Pub when the tide is fully out.

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Theres a few nice spots down there and a good pub always helps. Ive listed the Shadwell Basin flight now with a youtube link. Not a great video as the flight was very short.


Actualy you not need any permition from them to fly as they not controling airspace. CAA had clarify Drone Flying Over River Thames