Trying out cinematic bars

I’ve been trying out using cinematic bars and I’ve found that although you lose some of the screen it can help you to be able to focus on the area of the shot you want to focus on without zooming in on post and loosing quality.


Really nice video Frank but when I watched it on YouTube app there were no cinematic bars? Maybe I have an auto fit option active that I don’t know about lol

They definitely show on YT …


Thanks Steve, don’t know why the bars aren’t there though mate.

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Cheers Dave for checking :+1:

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… and when playing back YT through the tv … although, with a black surround it’s not easy to see.


Just played it on the big screen and it has the lines. Must be something to do with my phone screen settings. Looked really good Frank :+1:t2:

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They kind of can’t not be there.

The YT video is still the standard 16:9 … nothing can tell that part of the image is black to be able to hide them. It’s just black video.

Edit: … although … indeed … on my phone the video expands to hide them. :thinking:

That’s bloody daft/clever … depending on which way one looks at it.

Well …

… still (slightly) there in a screen shot, but not visible when playing.

Interesting that on Safari on OSX there are not

On the embed onebox here they are, full screen in safari they are but not viewing on YT ‘normal’ screen

It is puzzling!

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They are Frank’s personal invention … “Now you see them, now you don’t … bars.”


It is, strange that they don’t adjust the window size for the older 4:3 stuff

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They are there playing in the YT app without switching to full screen, too.

Do you lose them if you go full screen on the app Dave?, you do on iOS

I thought I did … but the screenshot proves they are slightly still there …

And if I look closely … yup - I can see them.

Saying that the YT iOS app is ugly as fuck and clunky as hell to navigate

But full screen no bars

I’m wondering if it depends on the exact screen dimensions … that are rarely 16:9 these days.

Mine is 1080 x 2280 pixels.

Thanks Steve :+1:

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Mine -

The Apple iPhone XS screen has a 5.8-inch size with resolution 2436 × 1125 px. The Aspect ratio of a screen is 19.5:9.

Mine equates to 19:9 … so that could be the cause of very narrow bars on mine and none on yours.

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