UK Drone & Technology Show Live - NEC - 1-2 Dec


May now be able to do Sunday work commitments have been revised😁


Sunday it is. Anyone else there on Sunday pm for a mobile number so we can meet up😃


I’ll not be there this year, unfortunately.
Godfather duties ….


Clarky suggests hats to recognise each other at functions, Baseball caps, grey, with GADC on the front, in black, with a little drone above??? Personalised would be about £10 each.


Now that sounds like a good plan. Quality bb hat tho no cheap rubbish😁


Sparkman999, jedpause and I are meeting up on the Sat, I think.

If they are selling M2s at £900, we will msg you…:wink:

Im defo up for a quality baseball hat (or perhaps a beanie would be better with this weather;)).

I like Manty’s description. Im not sure we want a big quadcopter pic or whatever as sometimes its best to be “stealth”:wink: Just the initials sounds good in a funky “Superdry-like” font? Or perhaps a shadowy Union flag, as in the forum logo?

Just MHO, I understand I am not part of the “Management”:wink:


Apols Manty, I just properly read your post. Im happy to go with a small drone image if thats want the People want;)


I will personally run up the M1 with cash overflowing from my hand, to bite there’s off !!..
Shame I just cannot get there !!


I’ll wear my bra and panties

Well it is weekend…


Someone is coming out…:see_no_evil:


I’m planning on visiting tomorrow (Sunday). Soda law it’ll be ideal for flying tomorrow and From Monday when I’m back at work


Did you “invest” in the new baby Jeff?:wink:


No I resisted


On the London camara stall they had a inspire 1 with an x5 camera for £1999

That’s when I got giddy and walked away to the Tesla’s instead
I know my spending limits …not


Generally speaking was it a good show? Worth visiting next year if you have no intention of buying>


Yes I saw the inspire. Wowsers was all I could say. It was great to catch up with @Brian today at the show. A few things I could have spent money on but held back for bigger things a great little show I honestly thought it would be bigger wouldn’t be able to stay there all day unless the size was increased😀


Someone I know round here went.
he was disappointed that it was not as big as he expected.
His exact words this morning on the phone was:
“It was along way to go, I saw everything I wanted to in 3 hours”, and was on his way home by 2 pm.
Beginning to think, was glad I didn’t go all that way from what he said !.
@sparkman999, did ring me from there with a MP2 deal that was on by one of the show stands.
Would have cost me more to get there, than what I would have saved on the drone !!.
But, that does not mean to say that I would not go next year, if I can !.
Bloody silly time of year to hold it ,if you ask me !!


Not if your buying

Ok after looking at the new DJI osmo pocket at the show guess what I have just bought…yep it’s not a drone


You mean to say that DJI never had it on a special at the Show, Jeff?.
Come to think of it, did, they have any offers?


I agree, wasn’t as big as expected and there were quite a lot of non drone related stands. DJI couldn’t answer my questions and said they would “get back to me”. Some good stands RAF,CAA , BMFA (rejoined from my Helicopter days ,25 million liability insurance included), Seemed aimed at the amateur/beginner end of the market not much for the pro end apart from a couple of inspire 2’s and matrice . No parts resellers ?
I was in and out in 2hrs and £16 for parking
It can only get better I suppose