UK Drone & Technology Show Live - NEC - 1-2 Dec


I agree it was good to meet up, but a very small show. I paid £16 to park the car in East car park yet the barrier raised as I approached and I just drove straight out, could have parked there for free. Bugger.
There were no real deals, except the inspire 1, but I’m sure I read somewhere that DJI were going to discontinue support by way of updates to it. (I may be wrong).


How quite is that well impressed hence not getting the parrot anafi

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does that mean Jeff that a MP2 may be on santa’s shopping list?.


Just so people are aware seeing as it only the second time I’ve seen it in the Wilde
But who knows
Is it on yours…? I bet it is…


:smirk: two bloody right it is !.
( it’s already waiting for me at my local model shop !)
Just got to work out how to tell her indoors that Santa looks after the Old ,as well as the young ! :smirk:
Do you think that she would wear it, if I told her that it
“ flew down the chimney” ?


With the parking there may be cameras on the exits I came across a mention of being charged twice if you don’t show your pre paid ticket on exit. But then ididnt see anyone to show a ticket too. I had a serious look at the typhoon h on hobbymounts stand but decided to hold out because of the camera only a 16mm sensor but on the typhoon h plus you get a 1inch sensor😁 only managed to spend 20 quid. 11 in Starbucks and 8 in greggs on the way home😀


I’m going to hold out on a M2 til spring. And keep an eye on any jan sales etc, yeah right🙄

Not decided on pro or zoom. Lots of debate on YT. So impressed…

I agree others show comments👍


The last update for the Inspire 1 was waaaay back in July of 2017 - it’s officially end of life mate, which is why everyone is trying to offload them on the cheap :smiley:


I’m thinking of selling one myself.


hopefully not the crashed one…


No, although it is fine now, that is my reserve for now.


The show was sponsored by ‘Jessops’ the camera shops, they have seen a market for drones and are attempting to ‘go for it’
Some of the experts who gave talks about drones were interesting, ie Police, Fire etc. The actual Jessops representative was just boring the pants off everyone. Even more embarrassing was they were trying to get an inspire and Typhoon to fly but they were in a NFZ and even tho they input the unlock code, it didnt work.
The London Camera exchange stand was well stocked with a few discounts, but nothing earth shattering, AND they could actually get the Mavic 2 and zoom airborne with no problems.
Had a long chat with the CAA who seemed to be still clueless about how they want to formulate the drone laws next November and were actively asking for suggestions from people. It seems it is still very much ‘work in orogress’


I went to this show also, yes the CAA are completely clueless about the registration system at the moment. I did find out that (their quote) “nobody owns the skies” meaning that in the UK, flying over private property is legal, provided you didn’t take off or land on it :no_mouth:, however if filming then you still may fall foul of privacy laws, but this is an Information Commissioner’s Office/GDPR issue not CAA.

Also, when the armed services are testing low flying fast jets, they fly at up to 7 miles per minute (420mph) at 250 feet or sometimes 8 miles per minute (480mph) at 100 feet, and there is no warning or information about this, they don’t create no fly zones and you certainly won’t see/hear one coming, so that’s nice to know :anguished:


with respect to low level operations of RAF jets you can ring the Royal Air Force Safety Centre and give your position and intentions and they should advise on that days low level operations in your area. 0800 515544


S The CAA were actually giving out cards with the number to contact the armed forces for advice about any low flying, which was jolly decent of them. They agreed that we can fly pretty much where we want, taking into account the drone laws, and to not take any notice of local council bylaws prohibiting flying over land controlled by the council. They can prohibit taking off and landing, on council land, but that’s about all. As for privacy, that was a different matter not for CAA, however they did say that if the camera is not recording, then it would be difficult to see how anyone could prove anything, the camera view is also an integral part of the drone flying system for flying safely, avoiding obstacles etc.


Thanks Brian. Forest Heath and Suffolk CC decreed that their areas are congested areas and as such cannot be flown over!!!



That was a question I asked, if it’s congested at 1000 people and not at 999 then how do we count them. Their reply was to fly with common sense, and use the drone code if it seems an area is congested at 1pm on a sunny bank holiday Monday, then it might not be ealier in the day or later in the week, so then it’s ok to fly at those times. It would seem the CAA and the drone laws are trying to work for us. I hope


The only problem is the CAA have washed their
hands with enforcment and have placed the matter in the police’s hands.
The police and PF/CPS just prosecute under the ANO and their interpretation, so I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in the CAA’s interpretations.


You are right Brian but having laid down their bye laws how does one challenge them? I suspect they were laid down by someone who knows nothing about drones, drone code and flying in airspace they think they control! The new laws to come out in Nov 2019 will make interesting reading.


Whilst not For or Against, do you think the CAA may be taking a “common sense” path to allow for, well… “common sense”. Sometimes the finality of parameters, eg 999 or 1000 people may not be in our favour. Just IMHO…

As Grey Arrows, sometimes we may not want Black and White spelt out…

I still like PingSpikes (I think) definition… for whats In or Out…“dont be a dick”… I think that would look good on a CAA brochure;)