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That’s basically what the CAA said ‘don’t be a dick’.
The only way to challenge a bye law is to keep within the law and bye laws yourself while flying. The laws of flying drones, whether contained in the ANO or Drone code trump any bye law that a council can dreqm up, simply because they don’t own and regulate the airspace.
If the council wish to get uppity about flying over the land they control, then as long as you are within the ANO or Drone code, you have ‘right on your side.


Brian, I didnt realise that the CAA “trump” local bylaws, I thought it would be the other way around, interesting…


It does if the local council use by laws to try and ban FLYING OVER council land, which is the gist of my thread. But if landing or taking off on council land, then the bye laws apply. That’s why I say, as long as you are complying with the ANO or Drone code, there’s nothing the council can do if you are taking off and landing outside the council controlled land, they don’t own or cobtrol the airspace above the land.


I think the reason for Jessops having seen a market is because:

  1. Peter Jones owns Jessops
  2. Peter Jones also now owns DroneSafeRegister
  3. Peter Jones likes a gadget

It all fits quite well really (well, for him anyway).

I can’t help felling Peter Jones will now push the drone safe register to CAA as being the place we all need to register in the future :roll_eyes:

Agreed - CAA definition of 'Crowds and built up areas'

It’s a philosophy I try to live by in all aspects of life :slight_smile: