Unable to link to Google Photos?

Why can’t we use Google Photos on this forum, when I try to post a link it just says. Your post contains a word that’s not allowed: photos.app.goo.g.

Why is this?

Because some sites, including Google Photos, will only create a ridiculously long abomination of a link in the post, and don’t even allow for the creation of a OneBox thumbnail in the GADC post.

Please feel free to download those photos and post as photos on GADC.


That would be ace if I knew how to do it.

What device are you using?

I’m on a chromebook, the frustrating thing is the post is ready to go, in the preview the pictures are there.

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So your just trying to show us a photo? :thinking:

Right click the photo and select save image as:

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Right I’ll have a play with that, thank you


More details also available here: Uploading Videos / Photos

Thanks everyone, I can now annoy everyone in picture.


Could use a url shortener