Unclear about restrictions

I’m new here and trying to find where I can and can’t fly. I have a few local parks that were recommended by others on the forum, but when I look at the dronescene map both are covered by “Airspace Restriction” but not in other maps like UAV Forecast.
I have a <250g drone and currently never flown above 30m


Take a look at this thread : Help and Advice for flying in the SE : that probably has the answers to your question.

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Thanks, but not really related. That thread is concerned with differences with another app and “Class D” restrictions. This rectangle in my area is simple labelled “Airspace Restrictions” and turns off on the map if I deselect that layer. I just don’t understand if the “Airspace Restrictions” apply to me.

Class D does not effect drone flyers (our sized drones anyway)

It’s not Class D either, at least not on the drone scene map.
So it this rectangle mislabelled? Or does it have some other meaning?

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Highlight the rectangle you speak of

All the layers and their origin are explained the about section.

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It is only in the first picture because in the second I enabled every layer except “Airspace Restrictions”

Regulated, usually referring to manned aircraft operations. Give Farnborough CTR a ring they’ll offer full guidance.

Check out DJI Mapping, this is where you cannot fly your Mini 2


If you are unsure about the restrictions on a particular area of airspace it’s always sensible to go direct to the source - the authoriy controlling it. Start an email conversation and print out the replies. Then, if ever some Karen gives you grief for “flying illegally” you can show them proof of your rntitlement :slight_smile:


Sign up for the NOTAMs in your area. You may find that there is a restriction due to a high crane in the area.

The NOTAMs are automatically placed on the Drone Scene map as they are published and remain for the currenct of the restriction. no need for a sepearate source.

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Good point, well made!