Updating the DJI Smart Controller

Do you have to connect to DJI assistant you update the smart controler?

Both update methods are described here:

Thanks for that vid, I switched to system update, it told me serching for updates , kept serching for a few mins… did i give up to soon, how long should it take?

Most reliable method is to update via DJI Assistant 2.

Make sure that youre running the latest version of Assistant 2 or it will refuse to connect. Found here :

Your SC should be running version V1.0.530 .


Thanks will give that a try

when i sign in the the DJI assistant my device is not shown

I take it your SC was connected to your home WiFi before you checked for updates?

You might want to start a new topic to cover that, as it won’t be related to the original question you asked in this thread.

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I have a smart controller, while i was out it said not on latest firmware. as soon as i got home and switched it on, it picked up on my wi-fi and updated its self. guess thats why they call it a SMART controller.:blush:

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Do you know what update was for? was it a firmware update of the SC itself?

I only ask because many SC owners are waiting on Go4 V4.3.24 app to be released and Im wondering if its part of the firmware update you received if its different to the version of my SC which is v01.00.0530. :grin:

yes it was a firmware update I will look when i get home and let you know what version it is.

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:+1::blush: Cheers man

right im home now, just checked my smart controller and im on version


Thats interesting. Do you use Mavic 2 Enterprise by any chance?

Im currently on V01.00.530 and Go4 V4.3.16 on my SC. No sign of an update here. :thinking:

I’m new I don’t know what mavic 2 enterprise is ??

Ah just looked, no I have a Mavic 2 pro

Ok Cool.

I only ask because a chap on another forum had his SC updated to V01.00.590 and he used the Mavic 2 enterprise.

Interesting, I wonder if we all will get that update soon enough then!? hhmm.

Did your SC update itself?

Android updates can trickle out rather slowly.

Just this morning I got a normal Go4 Android update (4.3.25) … but on Google Play it’s dated as a 2nd Oct update.

So, for you, it just might be “in the pipeline”.

(For those that know I always say I use an old version … I do keep, and tinker with, the most recent version on my Phone-phone - but I never update my drone-phone.)

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Im sure I ought to wait to see if this actually works on my SC before sharing but im currently downloading Go4 V4.3.25 from here :


Its supposed to be the official download for Go4 for the SC, Im led to believe. :crossed_fingers:

PS You might want to wait whilst I be the guinea pig on my SC first though. I dont want to be encouraging you turn your SC’s into bricks! lol