Upgrade a Redmi note 5 to Redmi note 8 for Fly app?

Hi all

I did try a search but need a specific answer to my query…

I have a Redmi Note 5 and cannot update the Fly app past 1.4( 40 or 42) i just gets really un responsive.
Phantomhelp lists the Note 8 as good for the Fly app but not which Android version of the app (it is not listed on DJI Fly app download specs) and, nice for me, has a much higher nits rating than the 5.

They are reasonable on eBay presently (where i got my Note 5 from too) and i would consider using it as my personal phone too than carry two phones presently… I only use the note 5 for the Mini 2.

so… anyone here using their Redmi Note 8 successfully with later versions or even the current version of the Fly App?

appreciate your comments… thanks

Not sure if this is relevant, but in case it is …

I recently swapped phones from a cheap Realme to a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. I used the Android transfer utility to move my apps from old phone to my new phone. All 150+ transferred across fine.

But when I went to use the DJI Fly and Go4 apps, they would open but then immediately close. I tried a few things to no avail (closing all apps, rebooting, clearing cache, etc.).

I then decided to uninstall both apps, and navigate to the DJI downloads page and reinstall. This immediately fixed the issue. On closer inspection, my old phone was running Android 10 and my new Note 10 Pro runs Android 12. Some folk in the forums have said only the latest app versions work on Android 12.

Not sure which version your Note 8 has, but it may be different to your old Note 5 :man_shrugging:

very useful information…!

the ones i were looking at were the plain Note 8… however on looking again and the one you have… the Note 10 it is close to my budget if used and on the DJI approval list.

I had considered iPad iPhone but don’t know Apples stuff at all and the prices and battery issue if older (replacement costs?) puts me off.

Do you find your Note 10 (are they all Pro version or is this another or two versions?) bright enough for use in bright conditions?

The base Note 10 and its 10S counterpart get a 6.34-inch AMOLED with 60Hz refresh rate. The Note 10 Pro bumps this size up to 6.67-inch, with a doubling of the refresh rate to 120Hz - making it the top of the bunch. The Note 10 5G is in-between those, at 6.5-inch and 90Hz.

The only reason I changed phone was because 450 nits wasn’t bright enough on sunny days. I know Samsung screens have 1200 nits (and more) but the budget wouldn’t allow it. But the Note 10 Pro has the same OLED screen as the Samsung S20+, and has 1,200 nits - plus it’s 120Hz :clap: I can’t fault the screen, I now have no issue on a bright, sunny day.

I picked mine up 2nd hand in perfect condition for £180 of ebay a couple of weeks ago. It has 6GB ram, 128GB onboard storage, an micro-sd slot, dual sim and even a 3.5mm headphone port - a rarity nowadays! The 108mp camera is great too, especially the macro lens (quick snap below).

Like Chris, I am also using the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro with the DJI app, and have not found any issues (including any reported problems with the Mini 2 connection issues since the firmware DJI update). Obviously, all is possibly changed by whatever apps you might have installed, but feel free to message me if you are still struggling and I will try to help…


Thanks both

This might just be on the edge of my budget… Is this what you both have?

Appreciate your views

well I did it!

well i didn’t quiet get the bargain I though i was.

i didn’t know 5G was a version… thought it just meant it worked with 5G signals… it does but… and the brightness is only a little better than my note 5

I paid close to retail in the end but at least it’s new. I’m hoping :roll_eyes: it will work ok like @8LivesGone and @clinkadink does with the Fly app.

otherwise I’m back to using the Note 5…

another lesson learned.

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Don’t worry, it will work. It’s actually an excellent phone for the money with a good camera. Happy flying!

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Thanks @8LivesGone


I did state this earlier …

Model Nits
Note 5 450
Note 8 473
Note 10 700
Note 10S 1100
Note 10 5G 400
Note 10 Pro 1200

For some reason, the 5G version has the worst panel. If I were you, I’d return it immediately - as it would be crap for droning in sunny weather.


It passed me by…

I managed to get the order cancelled and changed it to the Pro… cost £209 for a new one…

I think I got away light!

couple of days to get here… Thanks for the inspiration to change it quickly.

for some reason the Redmi Note 11 Pro is cheaper than the 10 Pro???

I didn’t risk it as it is not on DJI’s listing of approved phones

Just had a butchers online. It would appear that, other than the battery life, the 10 Pro beats the 11 Pro at everything else. Which I must admit, makes no sense.

That’s the going price for 10 Pro. I cannot see the 11 Pro for under £250.

Conclusion: you made the right choice :wink:

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I’m glad i listened to you.

It was a bit of a push of the budget but will have plenty of time to reflect well on it.

The seller was very cooperative in cancelling promptly and also in sending out the Pro.

I’m looking up YT videos for tips on using it… there are some very useful things in the MIUI interface.

Looking forward to getting it.

Got the Phone… Yay…

I went to the download area on DJI and downloaded the APK…

If I tap the downloaded file it asks me what app should I run it with and give Word or other inappropriate app.

Stuck! Help? ideas…


perfect… don’t remember doing that on the Note 5… old age!

I installed it and then realised after starting it I have to find the USB C to USB C lead… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support @clinkadink … I’m sure there will be more questions :slight_smile:

You would have had to, as it’s been a thing since at least Android 2.2 (Froyo) back in 2010.


Just don’t recall.

Now where’s that USB C lead…:roll_eyes:

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