Upgrade to M2P - adjust obstacle avoidance?

I just got myself a nice second hand M2P Fly More for £1300. So I am selling my MP (see For Sale and Wanted), but before I do is it possible to remove my data from it, if so how do I go about it

I flew the M2P out in the garden this morning just as a test and noticed that compared to the MP the Obstacle Avoidance distance values are much higher than the MP, front and rear were both around 5m, I’m not sure what they were on the MP but I certainly wasn’t getting the constant bleeps as I did this morning, it was in Tripod mode using the switch on the right side of the RC. Is there any way to adjust these settings? I had a good look through the settings but could not find any way to do it. Other than that it behaved as expected.

There are a couple of (semi) recent threads on this subject here:


Thanks for the links, there doesn’t seem to be too much to worry about from reading those threads. I have discharged the batteries to about 15%, I’ll be sending it with DPD when it is sold.

I did try sending something with a lipo one time and the post office asked if it had lipo battery and I said yes and they refused to accept it, I went to another post office and they never asked so off it went, I think it was a phone or a power bank.

The obstacle avoidance part of my questions above remain unanswered, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I’d like to drop the distances down to about 3m.

They seem to never know their own rules …

… from their own site … here

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Did your package have a UN3481 label?

If not probably why they refused it.


I have to put mine in “P” mode in the garden, thinking about it I have seen in settings a section about obstacle avoidance distance but can’t think which section, soon as I remember I will post it.
Could do with mine reducing as well.

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That’s WAY too sophisticated for the average Post Office person! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They know all about it as it was the post office worker who pointed me in right direction.

That label is now a legal requirement.

The “post office” people in the local “WHSmiths” know sweet FA.

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I’d also be really interested in any way to adjust the obstacle avoidance range.

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I went to my small local post today to post a small parcel, he asked if there was a battery in it and I said no, it was some extender legs that I ordered for my new M2P, they were for an MP.

Anyway I asked him about posting my MP when someone buys it, I said it has one battery fitted to the device and that there were two spare batteries, he looked it up and said that is exactly what you are allowed to post with Royal Mail, they will put a battery label on it as above.

So as @OzoneVibe said earlier that you should challenge them if they say it is not allowed.