Urge to fly faster!


Found the review but no recommendation on patch.
It’s a RHCP with male SMA needed. Everyone seems to be recommending the same one but it’s nearly 50quid.

Have went with one of those 9dBi triple feed patches.


I was thinking of updating my Fatsharks too but I using the RE’s with everything now.

Have you a link to you patch?


This is one I bought, think I got last one.

It’s open source hardware so lot of people making the same design.


You need to buy a 50 ohm terminator whatever side your not using.


That’s a very interesting antenna, I’ve just seen them ones for the Fatshark on eBay.


They seem to get great reviews when used in a diversity setup.

Pretty cheap as well.


Getting better!

Flying faster and managed a few flips and rolls without crashing. Even had to turn rates up which is a good sign.

Great sense of satisfaction seeing the progress your making. Another few flights and I might even feel confident strapping Yi4k+ to it.


I must get my P2 back into manual, without gimbalGoPro, and do some flips … and try and do them in front of the MP to video them.
#WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong? :stuck_out_tongue:


just picked these up for a good price?
Emax nighthawk pro and 4 lipos all new and unused for £100.
Just need to get a battery charger now and some goggles later on


Seems like a great price.

Where did you get that mate?


Got it off Facebook marketplace, had to drive 50 miles each way but I thought at the price it was worth it


Did you get 4 batteries total?

I use the Tatu 4s 1300mah. Good batteries, about £20 each. Great deal you got


Yep 4 batteries altogether mate, 3 still sealed and 1 that looks like the box has only been opened for a look, they’re 3s 1550mah 45c.

Need to find a half decent but cheapish charger now to fly los :slightly_smiling_face:


I use an accucell 6 I’ve had for quite a few years. Great charger. Does 1 -5S, fast, balance, storage charge etc.
Think they are about 35 quid these days.


Got a a charger and got some quanum goggles, now just need this wind to go away so I can give her a maiden flight.

I know nothing about pids so need to do more research but I’ve had a couple of test hovers indoors and with the gopro attached it was applying sudden bursts of throttle without any input from me… Not sure if this is pid related? Or down to the cheap stock controller


When you say sudden bursts, do you mean like hitting the ceiling or just rising up and down as your controlling it?


Nearly hit the ceiling mate :astonished:


Does it run betaflight on the FC? Might be worth plugging it in for a look at the receiver page and make sure the throttle input is steady.


Mine has developed a yaw twitch when I apply throttle. The gyro trace is pretty noisy so have some capacitors to install on PDB and Escs. Only trouble is I have zero room in the race pod.

Just received a new frame with more room. Photos to follow if everything goes to plan lol


All done. Just need to work out how to remap motors on betaflight.

Which Power Supply?

Niiccce!!! :+1: