Urge to fly faster!


Nice clean workbench too


that looks sweet. what sort of speed does it get up to?:grin:


Absolutely no idea mate, too fast for me anyway.


Love that frame… Chameleon clone?


Runs baseflight bud, throttle seems steady when I’ve checked it on the computer screen


Yep, Puda chameleon.
It’s a nice solid frame but the M2 screws that came with it were terrible, had to get some decent ones as heads easily round and one snapped off. Apart from that not bad for a clone.

Much more room than the XS and pod.

Still need to get out and try it.


I’m not sure then other than the receiver tab.

As far as PIDs go, I turned down the proportional on all mine but that’s as far as I’ve been, betaflight defaults have been not bad.


Hovered 5 batteries in the back yard today while the kids wore the goggles, punched the throttle a couple of times to the height of the house, not once did I get any sudden throttle bursts but this time I was outdoor and had no gopro attached… So not sure what was happening with my initial test hovers but I’ll try again in future with the gopro attached.
Tried taking off with the goggles on but needed more space, flying it los was fine, going under the washing hanging on the line worked once then made me crash and break a prop on the second go :roll_eyes:


Guessing you’ve flown drones like that before then?

My first attempt I was too used to the mavic. I punched the throttle and thought it was a gonner. Still having real troubles controlling it some days and others are fine.


Here’s a link to where I first started with quadcopters 5 years ago and before that I’d dabbled a bit with rc helicopters

I wasn’t into them enough back then to ever try acro mode and built a tbs discovery with GPS mainly trying to get a stable camera drone… Then life made me sell up my gear… Getting back into it now with seeing how far things have come since then :slightly_smiling_face:


Got out for a flight today and yaw twitch completely gone. Flys so much better.

Got up to a good speed on a field that runs beside dual carriageway and was keeping up with cars.

Really need to get more batteries as 4-5 mins x2 just really is not long enough.

Poor mavic must be feeling unloved.


I may have to set up a sanctuary for unloved Mavics. :wink:


Been looking for a rucksack to carry drone, TX, goggles etc.

Came across this on Amazon for £40. Droneguard CS 300

Going to order 2 lots of shadow foam. Cut one out for racing drone.
Cut the other out for Mavic, action cam, gimbal, a6000, lens etc.
Just change the insert depending in what I’m doing.

Anyone done similar?


:+1: I’ll await your evaluation, my racer is currently homeless.


That looks decent, at the moment I’m carrying the nighthawk around in its box and the headset is pretty huge too, that’s kept in its own bag.

Flew a few more battery packs over the last couple of days, first day was all Los until I tried the goggles but I was losing signal badly making it unflyable in fpv.
Did some research and found I needed to set a channel for the fpv, did that and today still no fpv due to me crashing on the first battery… Doing flips and rolls at around 60 ft got to cocky and stacked it hard… Bent a couple of the metal legs, camera mount flew off and that was it, these things are pretty durable :grinning:

Will try again with the goggles this time… Oh and what made it worse is that I thought I was recording the whole thing through the goggles but unfortunately not


I gave up LOS for now.

I can fly LOS in angle mode but in rate when I give it a wrong stick and try and correct I was crashing it more than flying.

Setup TX so If I’m in trouble I can quickly switch to angle mode and let it recover or fly it back if I lose video.

Make sure your antenna on VTX matches that of goggles, LHCP or RHCP. I almost made that mistake, thought they were all the same.
The picture on box looks like a LHCP.


That’s an absolute bargain price!!

What’s “shadow foam” mate?


Shadow foam probably not correct term mate.

It’s just foam block you would use in a tool box etc. Bit like the stuff you pluck out except higher density and 2 different coloured layers.


It’s here!

:roll_eyes: forgot to order the batteries


Nice! Didn’t realise they were shipping so soon. I want one lol.