Urge to fly faster!


Well the CS300 arrived and not as big as I expected.

It’s actually a really good size for a racing quad.

Everything seems secure using only the included dividers, I dont think I’ll need to make foam inserts.


That looks perfect, I take the quad wont fit in with the props on ?


Got it from, https://www.t9hobbysport.com/


Props need to come off. Could probably leave them on with a smaller TX though :wink:


haha, Thought I’d seed that thought :thinking:


That’s a decent looking case @callum :+1:


Yeah I thought so too mate. Seemed not bad for the price, a bit square feeling on your back but gets the job done.


Had a few more flights today and you might be right with the antenna… My signal is terrible, get to about 50 ft out and start losing reception the pagoda antenna I have on the goggles is supposed to be omni directional though :thinking:

Had a few crashes now, nothing too bad but I’ve bent the metal legs… This thing is so much fun to fly though, doing barrel rolls, loops and flying in between trees.

Even though the picture from the goggles is no where near the resolution of the mavic air the fact that the screen is right in front of you adds a whole different experience too, love this thing and the Ma hasn’t been getting a look in at all


Know the feeling mate, my Mavics not been out since I got this.


TRAITOR! :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, I know… :weary:


“Bloody Wow :astonished: , ordered 4 of Taranis X lite batteries yesterday, got them this morning. Service or what :+1:


@callum question, did your QX7 come hardware locked to LBT? I forgot all about LBT, all my RX’s are pre-EU/LBT. :roll_eyes:

I have loaded Amber and Beta-flight LUA and also ordered a new EU XM+ RX off eBay to get me in the air quicker.

One other thing does your QX7 have a servo type port for flashing RX firmware?


I’m not sure if it’s locked to LBT, haven’t tried an international version on it yet.
I upgraded to latest LBT firmware on TX and R-XSR.
Don’t really have a need for international version at moment until I get something needing D8.

Yeah it’s got a port on bottom that takes a servo to jst lead for flashing.


I’ve had a play around with it and it looks like its hardware locked to LBT which means some of my other RX will not work with it.
I’ve found out how to use the S-port for flashing which does make things easy, however, the manual doesn’t contain any instructions on how to use it. I had a read on RCgroups dedicated thread, so it’s time to dismantle the quad to flash the XM+ RX :disappointed_relieved:

The transmitter is a welcome size despite things like having no batteries with it, it feels comfortable, and just right. other than I’d like to shorten the throttle stick a bit if I had the right size Allen key.


Now I’m curious if mine is hardware locked as well.
How do you know if it is? Flashing fail?


I had an XM RX which I’d forgotten about in the toolbox, I used that to try all the firmware available from Frsky and none of the none EU and FFC worked no matter which combination I tried.
I flashed the TX and RX with LBT and it all works, now I’ve got to set up the quad in Beta-flight which I found was no longer supported by Google; a few months off the pulse on these things and you become a dinosaur.


Been looking into this some more.

Seems you need to flash open TX firmware and then flash firmware on the internal module.

Did you try that?

Going to give it a go today.


Great I stand corrected, do tell how please ?:man_student:

I just had a look at my question on RCgroups, where someone has answered!


I got it, and I’ll flash after I’ve had a fly with the LBT first.