Urge to fly faster!


That’s the very one that I looked at in the beginning then I came across the X-JB 148 on YouTube, the review of the 148 looked better.


It’s been a while since I posted in here, the nighthawk I found out had a loose gyro which was making it a handful, the qav I won on ebay didn’t get sent out :slightly_frowning_face:

So since then I’ve rebuilt the nighthawk with new fc and escs and built another quad… A skitzo nova clone… Here’s where I’m up to with me flying now… And the mavic air hasn’t been out all this time


You’ve made a lot more progress than me mate.


Spent a good few hours on the simulator now mate.

Tried my first power loop last week, failed and ejected the gopro, reckon I got a few more grey hairs in that half hour or so of frantically searching for it, and today just to add more excitement /stress I got stuck in the top of a tree, couldn’t see the quad and couldn’t arm it due to the angle it was on… Thankfully the motors beeped when I turned off the taranis


The last five seconds made me laugh! :+1:


Trying to get faster, must learn control


Weather was ok today so got out with racing drone.

Was going well and pushed it a little too far. I think my receiver failsafed as controller disconnected and could see the drone tumbling in FPV. FPV feed dropped out as it fell over a hill.

Searched for 2 hours but FPV feed or controller never reconnected. Thinking battery disconnected on impact.

A little bit gutted but looking forward to build another.


That’s a bummer! :frowning:



Really annoyed with myself. My goggles take a memory card so you can replay flight to find where you crashed.
Well, I never got round to putting an SD card in it.

After the shock of it and removing goggles I had absolutely no idea where it was.


Gutted 4 u m8 :worried:


I’ve still got my Sceadu Heli with a piped OS50 in it…that thing was stable as hell, but if you gave it full collective and shoved the nose down…FAST was one way way of putting it


Sorry to hear this Callum mate :anguished:


Am gutted for you Callum.
Any point in checking the area with one of your other drones?


Had thought of going back with the M2 to search the areas I couldn’t reach on foot but if it has fell there it might be difficult/dangerous to retrieve.

Couldn’t have crashed in a worse place :rofl:

At least I’ve still got the expensive bits like goggles and TX.

If It had been the mavic I’d lost I’d still be there searching right now. :rofl:


I’m gutted for your loss mate😥


Sorry to hear of this @callum, I don’t think I would give up so easy unless it was water.


Oops sorry you lost it, I lost mine too awhile ago, it took ages to find.
What are you thinking of getting next?


I’ve still got the Qav-xs frame and some spares. Was thinking about rebuilding that with new FC, motors and ESCs.

Also looking at getting an almost ready to fly model under 250g.
Loads of new stuff out since I last looked.


I haven’t been window shopping recently, too much temptation, what’s the bad boy out there now?


I wish I could stop at window shopping :blush:
Waiting for an auction to end later, I might put a cheeky bid in last 5 seconds :crossed_fingers: