Urge to fly faster!


I’ve got to return some parts back to Banggood and just had a quick look, there is some impressive ones with OSD and core less motors etc.

The X-lite is just the TX for these little gadgets of joy, am enjoying my XJB145- X-lite combo; the X-lite feels more locked in to the OMNIBUS than my X9D with it’s up graded gimbals.


Sorry mate lol.

I had a look at them all before buying. Brushless seemed a bit quick for around the house and couldn’t find any in the UK that were brushless, OSD and frsky.

Quite a few on Bangood that ticks all the boxes and receiverless versions you can stick an xm+ in. A lot have the reciver integrated on FC so hard to swap out.

I liked the look of the Emax Babyhawk 85, great reviews and great for outdoors as well, just no UK stock.

The beta75s seems to be one of the more crash resistant ones with OSD.

Beta75pro is brushless but couldn’t find one anywhere.

I’ll try and record a video next time.


Got a few sets of spare props yesterday so got back in the air, the last 4 flights have been in rate mode and it does feel much smoother, unfortunately the last flight also ended up with a snapped arm so grounded again till the spares show up :roll_eyes:

Think I need to change the way I fly and just take it easy instead of trying crazy tricks


You must have been doing a fair speed to snap an arm!

Suppose fixing it is part of the fun. Think the key is having more than one.


That’s pretty much what the thread title is about, no? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point :rofl:


Wasn’t actually going too fast, was trying to find the point where you just roll 180° then complete it… Needless to say I need more practice.

Spare arms arrived today, replaced the broken one and it seems the motor was also affected by the crash :sob: so still grounded… I do have a mavic air sat there gathering dust, suppose I could take that out :thinking:


Out of curiosity what have you got your roll rate set at? Mine is 360deg/s.
Was thinking that knowing it’s going to take one second to fully roll at full deflection might have helped.
Now wondering if having it higher would make it easier.


Not sure Callum I’ll have to check later on, basically I’d tinkered with the settings till I found which felt best
I have dvr footage of the crash and the flights before it, will try uploading something this evening :+1:t3:


I found this Tarot frame which I bought 2 years ago and forgot it still in its box, lost in the workshop.

I think I’ll get HGLRC 40A stack and motors for it when I get the time.



Having waited for ages for Banggood to deliver some bits which included this antenna mod…

I managed to rip the U.fl connector off the pcb board :scream_cat:


I had 3 U.fl connectors left over from the Disco mod…,

Some minutes, and with one having been cooked…:nerd_face:


How did you manage to break it off? Bad crash?


Naaa, I thought I had removed all the hot glue to replace the antenna with a pagoda one but as I pulled ever so gently the Earth ring pulled away.
It’s all repaired now.


What size of quad is that mate?

Been looking at some of the smaller ones, thinking it might be good having one under 250g.


This one,

Also have a look at the reviews on tube.


With 4cell 850mA battery which is the best combo it comes in at a huge fat…

I changed the XT60 for XT30 to shave off some weight too.


Shave off another half gram and your golden for the new regulations.

You got 2 or 4 bolts per motor?


3 screws per motor, Could go for 2 blade props.


I’m thinking about going for one of these next.